Know who they're fighting for "My first reaction when I saw it was this was not a political statement in any way by the men and women of 101st. I think the 101st was being pretty creative and naming things after what reminds them of home. And I
BY EMMA CLANCY SYDNEY — The copious numbers of corporate journalists present at the April 2 student anti-war rally may have spent four to five hours dashing from one end of Town Hall to another in search of a violent spectacle, but, unlike
BY SUE BOLTON The building industry royal commission's final 23-volume report (except for one volume which is being kept secret) was made public on March 26-27. By the time of federal workplace relations minister Tony Abbott's speech to the
Thanks to a compliant media, with reporters embedded in units of the US and British military forces invading Iraq, we are all being spared the sight and sound of things that would almost certainly turn us wild with anger and grief. There were no
BY ROHAN PEARCE On April 1, US warplanes dropped cluster bombs on the Iraqi town of Hilla. The deadly anti-personnel weapons are also believed to have been used in assaults on Najaf, Nasiriya and Basra by US-led invasion forces. Cluster munitions
BY ROHAN PEARCE The British Guardian reported on April 1 that the US government is in the process of creating its own team of "weapons inspectors" to "disarm" Iraq's alleged arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). According to the Guardian's
BY MARTIN ILTIS LONDON — Australians Against the War (AATW) held its first formal meeting on March 30, attended by about 20 Australians living in London. The meeting flowed from the group's prominent participation in the 500,000-strong
BY SUE BOLTON MELBOURNE — The March 26 meeting of the Workers Against the War group voted to condemn the violence of the NSW police against student anti-war protesters in Sydney and offered to provide support in the form of marshals to students
Why Iraqis are not welcoming US 'liberators' “I really do believe we will be greeted as liberators”, US vice-president Dick Cheney said on March 16, three days before US-led military forces began their invasion of Iraq. The real
BY NICK EVERETT SYDNEY — Around 150 people attended the Peoples Assembly for Peace conference at the Haymarket campus of University of Technology, Sydney on March 30. The conference, organised by the Walk Against the War Coalition,


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