BY RAHUL MAHAJAN Iraq's desperate humanitarian situation has suddenly become a retroactive justification for the war, even for the attacking of civilian targets. The need to get aid into Basra prompted a British military spokesperson on March 25 to
BY PIP HINMAN SYDNEY — A concerted campaign by the NSW Labor Council has not yet succeeded in splitting the peace movement in Sydney. The campaign, which was applauded by the pro-war Murdoch press, shifted into high gear in the lead-up to
MANILA — "War against poverty, not war against Iraq and Mindanao!" chanted 12,000 workers — members of the workers' party, Partido ng Manggagawa, and the socialist labour group, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) — as they marched down
BY RUSSELL PICKERING PERTH — Despite a hysterical campaign by the Western Australian media and police opposing the right of young people to protest against the Iraq war, a 400-strong anti-war rally was held by Youth and Students Against the
BY LEIGH HUGHES ADELAIDE — Everywhere you go, there are indications that young people oppose this war on Iraq. Anti-war badges pinned to school uniforms, discussions about Iraq on the 3.30pm buses, huge Books Not Bombs meetings and massive
This open letter to Bob Carr was issued by Books Not Bombs on April 2. You call us violent demonstrators but we are for peace. We want the bloody, unjust and illegal war in Iraq to stop. We want the bombing to stop. We want the troops to be
Green Left Weekly’s ANDREW MARTIN spoke to protesters about why they were there. “We’re here for the Iraqi people, to stop the war and to protest against John Howard. He represents war, hate and anger. All he wants to do is fight. “The
BY CHRISTINA SNOWDON & GRANT COLEMAN On April 2, students in Wollongong and Brisbane held protest actions in solidarity with anti-war students defending their right to protest in Sydney. One-hundred people gathered in Brisbane. Speakers discussed
COMMENT BY LYNNETTE LITTLE PORT AUGUSTA — Recently, teenagers at the Baxter detention centre started classes at Port Augusta's high school. I want to write a positive story, as there are so many tragic events in the world at the moment. I have
BY NORM DIXON One of the first US soldiers killed in the invasion of Iraq was marine Kendall Waters-Bey. In his working-class Baltimore neighbourhood, there is anger, pain and sorrow. His four sisters have been openly critical of US President


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