BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — On March 30, at least 100,000 people marched through this city's streets to protest against the invasion of Iraq by the United States and its British and Australian appendages. In the wake of the mass anti-war march, there
BY SARAH STEPHEN According to Victorian Greens refugee spokesperson Pamela Curr, the three remaining asylum seekers on Christmas Island were secretly removed at 3am on March 25. "A specially chartered plane came in from [Papua] New Guinea", she
BY GLORIA LA RIVA Olga Salanueva is the wife of Rene Gonzalez, one of five Cubans imprisoned by the US for trying to stop terrorism against their country. She hasn't heard a word from her husband since he and his four comrades were locked down on
Books Not Bombs protest The decision on April 2 by the students to call off the march and be satisfied with a rally in Sydney Town Hall Square was an example of excellent decision-making by the Books Not Bombs leadership. What I object to is the
Following the police brutality at the March 26 Books Not Bombs student anti-war protest in Sydney, and threats of more prior to the BNB protest on April 2, the corporate media and NSW Labor government ran a campaign of slander and red-baiting
HANS GEBZE is a West Papuan student based in Yogyakarta. He has been involved in political struggle since before 1998. He is a secretary-general of the Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP). Gebze spoke to Green Left Weekly's MAX LANE about the West
JOHANNESBURG — On April 5, more than 12,000 people marched behind about 15 "human shields", who have recently returned from Iraq, to oppose the US-led invasion of Iraq. The protest, organised by the Anti-War Coalition (AWC), marched through the
Art Sans FrontieresSEAS Art Basement, 66 Hindley Street, AdelaideUntil April 11 (auction at 7pm, April 11) REVIEW BY JO ELLIS ADELAIDE — "Nations have imposed borders but art and human rights transcend them", state the organisers of Art Sans
Preston anti-war protest BY KATYA GOODALL MELBOURNE — On April 5, 80 people gathered at the Preston Town Hall for an anti-war rally called by the Darebin Anti-War Group. After hearing from Alex Bhatal from the Greens, Reihana Mohideen from the
BY JESS MELVIN MELBOURNE — On April 3, a student from the prestigious Melbourne High School received a detention. His crime was mentioning the war in class and questioning his principal. "I don't think it is appropriate for the school to be


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