Which of the greedy vultureswill be first to snatch the carcass?There's little hope they'llshare the spoils of war.Will Australia get its dollars worthof reconstruction contracts?Will Cheney get the oilit's all been for? Johnnie can use our taxesno
When Iraqi TV offices in Baghdad were hit by a US missile strike on March 25, the targeting of the media was strongly criticised by human rights groups. However, much of the US corporate media cheered. General-secretary of the International
BY ROHAN PEARCE On March 31, soldiers from the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division stationed at a roadblock near the Iraqi towns of Najaf and Karbala opened fire on a car, killing 11 of the civilians inside. According to an “embedded” Washington
SYDNEY — The Books not Bombs coalition issued a call for solidarity with the April 2 student anti-war protest, following the police provocation that occurred on March 26. Among those who expressed solidarity were the Victorian Peace Network,
BY DALE MILLS SYDNEY — A group of volunteer solicitors, barristers and law students set up to monitor police behaviour at demonstrations have expressed serious concern at the refusal by police to allow the April 2 student anti-war protest,
As Palestinians brace themselves for the first anniversary of the Israeli occupation forces' bloody invasion of the West Bank's Jenin refugee camp, it has been revealed that an Israeli expert has guided US marine officers through its putrid alleys to
BY APRIL HURLEY BAGHDAD, March 24 — At the al Kindi Hospital emergency department, Fatima Abdullah is screaming in outrage: "Why do you do this to us?". Her eight-year-old, Fatehah is dead, two other daughters are on stretchers, wounded by a
BY KATHERINE BRADSTREET SYDNEY — On April 2, around 1200 anti-war students and their supporters defied the NSW police by gathering in Sydney’s Town Hall Square to oppose the war on Iraq and reaffirm their right to protest. Despite a
BY RAHUL MAHAJAN Iraq's desperate humanitarian situation has suddenly become a retroactive justification for the war, even for the attacking of civilian targets. The need to get aid into Basra prompted a British military spokesperson on March 25 to
BY PETER BOYLE SYDNEY — The April 2 Books Not Bombs student anti-war protest in Sydney is the latest of several peaceful political demonstrations to be declared "unlawful" in the last six months by the NSW Labor government, led by Premier Bob


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