Doing the job for Wall Street
"The United States' record is not one of imperialism. It is one of doing the job, bringing peace, restoring order and getting a responsible government in place." — US Secretary of State and UN slide shows Colin

In the article "An anti-war activist stands for parliament" in last week's Green Left Weekly, Margaret Perrott was mistakenly as the Socialist Alliance candidate for the Wollongong seat of Throsby in the March 22 NSW election. She is actually a

HANOI — "Several times, a large area was coated white. After a couple of days the leaves in the forest and the gardens turned yellow and fell off." This is how 50-year-old Nguyen Van Loc describes his first vision of a US

Across Australia on March 8, women, men and children took to the
streets, using annual International Women’s Day marches as an opportunity
to say “no” to US President George Bush and Prime Minister John Howard’s
war on

The Books Not Bombs Coalition was launched around the country on March 5, with thousands of its newsletters being distributed and meetings being held afterwards in some cities. Many high school activists and groups came into contact

TORONTO — Picket lines went up at Canada's third-largest university, York University, on March 5 as students went on strike as part of a day of international student actions against the war.
In one of winter's heaviest snowfalls,

HAVANA — On March 3, performers in the Cuban capital contributed their talents, along with others in more than 1000 cities around the world (including in all 50 US states), to the Lysistrata Project. The project was a worldwide, simultaneous

MELBOURNE — More than 2000 people cheered and clapped as a number of great performers appeared on the stage of the Melbourne Concert Hall on February 28. They were there for the Morning Star Concert of West Papua. The biggest cheers went up every

DETROIT — With chants such as “Hell no, we won't go, we won't fight
for Texaco”, students across the United States protested on March 5 in
record numbers. Far exceeding the expectation of protest organisers, up
to 50,000

A deepening of Australia's military alliance with the United States
was heralded by the February 26 launch of Australia's National Security
— a Defence Update 2003. While much of the 25-page document foreshadows
only marginal


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