By David Jagger Antoinette Panajatov and Hristo Stefanov fled Bulgaria last June and thought they'd reached the free world. But in the cellar room in Frankfurt they have shared for five months with 12 other adults and five children, they can't
By John R. Hallam Opposition to nuclear power in India is growing and starting to move far beyond the circles of an educated elite. The operating record of Indian nuclear power plants ranges from uninspiring to downright terrifying, with
GST "I can come over here, get what I want and save a minimum of 50%. I'm not doing any more to Canada's economy than it's doing to me." — George Mathers, an unemployed Canadian, asked why he was one of the tens of thousands crossing into the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "The brazen red-brown hordes, intoxicated by their impunity, have decided to openly proclaim their main goals ... Before us is an attempt by the apparatus of the Communist Party to return to power ... We are
Affirmative action A discussion paper on the Affirmative Action Act recommends reducing exemptions to the act, extending coverage to group training schemes and making companies which fail to comply with the act ineligible to receive government
By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — What kind of a choir do you get when the singers have as much say in musical arrangement as the director, and when the repertoire is exclusively about liberation struggles, feminism and ecology? The simple
By John Tomlinson In the wake of the November 12 massacre in Dili, Portuguese students organised the "Missao paz em Timor". And so, on March 9, 120 people from 21 countries boarded the Lusitania Expresso in Darwin with the intention of laying a
A continuing tragedy Ines de Castro: A Portuguese tragedyBy John Clifford Directed by Diana Denley Newtown Actors' Group Studio Theatre, Newtown, until April 19. Reviewed by Emlyn Jones The Newtown Actors' Group was founded a year ago by
New law to exile Indonesian critics By Norm Dixon The Indonesian parliament has unanimously passed a new law that will allow the military-dominated government to revoke the right to return home of Indonesians overseas it considers
A quick turnover for eastern politicians By Bryan R. Thomas BONN — One by one the politicians from the old German Democratic Republic (GDR) have been ousted. The majority of them had been elected as representatives of the five new
Rainbow Warrior crew deported French authorities have deported the crew of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior to their countries of origin following the seizure of the ship at Moruroa atoll last week. The ship was seized by French commandos after
Timber bill threatens wilderness SYDNEY — An estimated 50,000 hectares of native forest will be logged without any environmental impact statement as a result of the NSW government's new Timber Industry Protection Bill, says Jeff Angel of the
WA Aboriginal sites threatened By Leon Harrison PERTH — Aboriginal sacred sites are threatened with destruction at Yakabindie, where the state government has given Dominion Mining the go-ahead to mine for nickel. The advisory Aboriginal
By Sean Malloy "This is a firm whose business is not just to persuade you which margarine to buy but which human rights abuses should lead a country to war and which can be overlooked in the interests of trade." — Liz Jackson's introduction
Action updates ADELAIDE — About 1000 attended a People for Public Transport (PPT) lunchtime rally here on March 17. Cuts proposed by the state government would impose a 10 p.m. curfew on anyone without private transport, would halve services
By Poul Funder Larsen MOSCOW — Conservative communist forces convened the biggest anti-Yeltsin demonstration so far on the Manezh Square in central Moscow on March 17. According to the Russian press, between 40,000 and 70,000 people were


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