BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — In a demonstration aimed at "breaking the silence" over Israel's murderous aggression against the Palestinian people, more than 1000 Palestinians and their supporters massed on the steps of Victoria's parliament on
BY ROHAN PEARCE Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has found a short-term solution to the political crisis within Israel's ruling circles, brought on by the second intifada. He has seized on the recent spate of suicide bombings to stifle dissent over his
BY KERRYN WILLIAMS CANBERRA — Auxiliary Catholic Bishop Pat Power and Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulbourn George Browning issued a statement on April 1 condemning the Israeli assault on the Palestinian people. "At a time when Christians
Woomera and beyond The Easter protest at the Woomera immigration detention centre successfully highlighted the brutality of the Australian government's policy of mandatory detention of asylum seekers. It has added momentum to the
Loose cannons Freudian slip “But there needs to be a focused, coalition effort in the [Middle-East] region against peace.” — US President George “The Crusader” Bush, March 30. Bribery “The head of the Federal Government's royal
Palestine I David Murray (Write On, GLW #485) writes, “The methods of the Palestinian terrorists, whose only desire is to have all Jewish people thrown into the Mediterranean, is a dead end which socialists everywhere should clearly
BY ROHAN PEARCE Analysis by Electronic Intifada web site has revealed that documents produced by the Israeli government, allegedly proving the involvement of Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat in suicide bomber attacks, have
Stupid White Men By Michael Moore Harper Collins 2002 275 pages, $49.45 REVIEW BY PAUL HEMPHILL If your name is Miranda Devine, you won't like this book because it slanders your beloved American Dream. If you are Greg Sheridan, you
Filipino Workers (BMP) trade union federation; Philippines Socialist Party of Labour; Khanya College, South Africa; Power of the Working Class, South Korea; Communist Party of Sudan; Left International Forum and Left Party of Sweden; Freedom and
BY NICK MARTIN CANBERRA — Labor for Refugees ACT was formed immediately after the 2001 federal election to give form and an organising avenue to those seeking a change in policy. Meeting at the ACT Trades and Labour Council, the group has


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