Terror laws in parliament On March 22, the federal government introduced the final bill of its "anti-terrorism" package into parliament. It proposes to give ASIO the right to detain people for 48 hours without access to legal advice, and with
Three million demonstrators marched through Rome on March 23 to protest new labour laws which will make it easier for employers to sack workers. The protest, the biggest ever held in Italy, was organised by the CGIL trade union federation.From Green
BY A. SATTAR "The rise of fundamentalism in Pakistan is a vote of no-confidence of the working people in capitalist and feudal parties. It is the failure of these parties in power, which has given rise to religious fanaticism", argues Farooq Tariq,
BY MAX LANE Almost every day, details of the murder of Acehnese civilians by Indonesian military forces are reported by democratic and human rights organisations and international news agencies. At least 300 killings have been reported since
GEELONG — On March 23 the Geelong branch of the Democratic Socialist Party unveiled its new shopfront and opening hours. The bookshop is open Monday to Wednesday from 4-6pm, Thursdays noon to 6pm, Fridays 5-7pm and Saturdays 9.30am to 12.30pm. The
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — "Justice, yes! Occupation, no! Israeli troops have got to go!" and "Free, free Palestine!". These words echoed down the main streets of central Sydney on March 24, as more than 400 protesters marched from Sydney Town
BY JACKIE LYNCH MELBOURNE — Electrical Trades Union state secretary Dean Mighell received enthusiastic applause for his decision to leave the ALP at a mass meeting of some 800 ETU members on March 20. In a passionate and fiery speech,
BY LAUREN CARROLL-HARRIS   If you believed everything that you read in the corporate media then you would think that all young people are apathetic and that Australian youth are the most apathetic in the world. This is what two recent
BY SARAH STEPHEN At the end of March 2001, an estimated 450,000 New Zealand citizens — 2.3% of the Australian population — were visiting or living in Australia. Under various arrangements since the 1920s, there has been a free flow of people
BY SARAH STEPHEN On March 21, federal Labor and Coalition MPs delivered another blow to the rights of refugees. With Labor's assistance, the government's Migration (Transitional Movement) Bill was ensured speedy passage through the House of
BY JIM McILROY BRISBANE — "If you want to replace the World Bank, World Trade Organisation and International Monetary Fund, you need to create massive movements that are powerful, conscious and raise the social costs for the ruling class",
BY GRIFF FOLEY The Western media portray Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe as the worst African dictator since Idi Amin. Mugabe is certainly tyrannical, but he is no freak or accident. Mugabe's regime is a product of the politics of Zimbabwean