By Steve Painter The AIDS pandemic is a disaster for humanity, but a gold mine for some multinational chemical companies, it seems. While AIDS is still spreading in advanced countries such as Australia and the USA, nine out of 10 new HIV
Aboriginal Health and Society: the Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Struggle for Better Health By Sherry Saggers and Dennis Gray Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1991 Reviewed by Nick Everett "Aboriginal health is a political issue", argue
Gay and Lesbian activists' conference By Kim Spurway SYDNEY — About 70 people attended a one-day workshop here on February 22, organised by the New Left Party Lesbian and Gay Group with the support of ACT UP (Sydney), the Gay and Lesbian
500 Years Working Committee Celebrating colonialism This year three ships, named Santa Maria, La Niña and La Pinta, all made in Japan, will cross the Atlantic Ocean from Europe and land in Boston. This re-enactment of Columbus' first
By Pat Brewer A study of wages in Britain throws an interesting new light on the question of how best to fight for equal pay for women. In Australia, women's wages are still on average a third lower than the men's. There has been an ongoing
By Mike Karadjis SYDNEY — More than 80 women at a recent Women in Migration Conference walked out when shadow immigration minister Phillip Ruddock showed up to speak. Those who remained jeered, and Ruddock appeared visibly shaken in a later
By Angela Matheson After almost a decade of sex discrimination legislation, government figures show Australian women still fill the bottom rungs of the job market, earn 36% less money on average than men, and continue to suffer sexual
Market triumph KALININGRAD — Unusually cheap cocaine, only 20 roubles (20 US cents) a gram has appeared on the local black market here. Experts from drug circles supposed that this is the work of Polish colleagues, who attempted to conquer
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — SICH (Student Initiatives in Community Health) has been lost its funding by the federal government for printing an article in its magazine Catalyst which was not to the liking of health minister Brian Howe. This
'On a smoggy day, I can't let him outside' By John Tognolini SYDNEY — She's struggling to breathe, her lungs are contracting, it's another asthma attack, and it can kill her. She's 10 years old and a friend of mine. Her family has no


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