By Sally Low and Tracy Sorensen In a victory for women's rights, the Irish Supreme Court has overturned a High Court injunction which prevented a pregnant 14-year-old rape victim travelling to Britain for an abortion. The ban would have made
By Sue Bolton CANBERRA — It seems the ACT will have a minority Labor government when the counting's all done following the February 15 elections. Labor will probably have to rely on support from the Michael Moore Independent Group. It
By Donna Stuart Between 1989 and 1990, 553 people in Victoria complained of rape, and up to 2000 reported sexual assault to the police. It is universally recognised that crimes against women are by far the most under-reported of all crimes,
By Steve Painter What's the social and economic cost of an epidemic of asthma and other respiratory and allergic ailments affecting at least a quarter of children in large areas of Australia's two largest cities? Don't ask the big business
By Tracy Sorensen Thousands of individuals and delegations from hundreds of organisations are expected to march in Washington on Sunday, April 5, to defend abortion rights for US women. The Supreme Court is poised to overturn its historic 1973
Cuts to youth wages Keating's package shares with Hewson's a determination to cut youth wages. The Liberals simply assert that cutting youth wages is the solution to youth unemployment, currently about 30% nationally. Keating's approach is
NSW Forest Commission operated illegally By Steve Painter SYDNEY — The NSW government's proposed Timber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill amounts to an admission that the state's Forestry Commission has operated illegally for the past 12
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Everybody knows January in Russia was a bad month. But just how bad? The figures are now coming in. According to the Russian State Committee on Statistics, retail trade turnover during January, measured in
By Peter Boyle Paul Keating's February 26 economic statement was supposed to be about "creating jobs, jobs and jobs". But while Keating promised to create 800,000 jobs in the next four years, by his own estimates unemployment will remain around
Environmental threats Significantly, the decisions in Keating's economic statement which affect most the environment come in the section titled "Facilitating Major Projects". Keating has promised big business that he will not let


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