Action updates ADELAIDE — 150 people attended a spirited rally for East Timor here on February 22. Jorge Azevedo, representing the Timorese community, told the crowd that the "Timorese do not want the Australian government to continue to
By Norm Dixon "We have made tremendous progress in the direction of transforming South Africa into a democracy. In the very foreseeable future, we are going to see a new constitution in the country. We are going to see the transfer of power
Adelaide Festival and Fringe season begins By Liam Mitchell Adelaide is once more being treated to an extraordinary array of talent in performances from all over the world at the Adelaide Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The
By Colin Pemul Riau Province, Sumatra — The huge Kota Panjang hydro-electric power plant and dam project is currently under construction here. The project will flood 124 square km of land, including a 1000-year-old temple site, and
World War II veterans During the second world war, hundreds of thousands of Australian women joined the armed forces to work as technicians, armourers, radar trackers and intelligence officers, and as labourers on farms and in factories when
By Sally Low VIENNA — While concern over the rise of racism and the far right in Austria is justifiably mounting, there are also encouraging signs of the potential for a progressive counteroffensive. With 22.5%, the populist right Freedom
By Stephen Robson SYDNEY — Nguyen Thi Madame Binh, the president of the Vietnam Union of Peace, Solidarity and Friendship Organisations, visited Australia from February 14 to 21. Also part of the delegation was Tran Minh Quoc, the assistant
By Kevin Healy The interests of the True Blue Aussie With the Big Red Heart people were certainly taken care of this week by the world's greatest worst ex-treasurer Paul — particularly those True Blue Aussies With the Big Red who happen to be
Gay and Lesbian activists' conference By Kim Spurway SYDNEY — About 70 people attended a one-day workshop here on February 22, organised by the New Left Party Lesbian and Gay Group with the support of ACT UP (Sydney), the Gay and Lesbian
500 Years Working Committee Celebrating colonialism This year three ships, named Santa Maria, La Niña and La Pinta, all made in Japan, will cross the Atlantic Ocean from Europe and land in Boston. This re-enactment of Columbus' first


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