BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — An August 18 meeting of more than 90 members of the Socialist Alliance from Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle pre-selected a ticket of two to contest Senate seat in the next federal election — Asia Pacific solidarity
BY FEDERICO FUENTES MELBOURNE — Indigenous, trade union and religious leaders from around Australia and the region will gather here in September to sign a memorandum of understanding in support of West Papua's independence struggle. The
BY NORM DIXON The small nondescript three-room flat on Harare's busy Josiah Tongogara Street, which doubles as the International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe's national office, was a hive of activity when Green Left Weekly spoke to MUNYARADZI
Oil giant BP has proclaimed a new identity for itself — British Petroleum now says it is "Beyond Petroleum". For the world's second largest oil company to move beyond petroleum would be a boon for a world so addicted to oil. Yet what does BP mean
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — Over the past few weeks, the Daily Telegraph and right-wing radio "shock jocks" have been working overtime, hand-in-hand with state government politicians, to whip up a racist frenzy linking migrant and non-Christian
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI Just days before the October demonstrations against corporate tyranny, socialist youth from across the country will be gathering in the Victorian town of Anglesea for the 30th Resistance national conference. The conference will
BY RUTH RATCLIFFE DARWIN — After 26 years in government, the Country Liberal Party was rocked by a 9% swing against it in the August 18 Northern Territory elections. The final result will not be known for several days, but it is likely that
BY JIM MCILROY The country's peak welfare group, the Australian Council of Social Services, has called for an immediate suspension of Centrelink's harshest penalties on recipients of unemployment benefits, pending an independent inquiry into the
BY JOSHUA COFFIN HOBART — Two students will be contesting the Tasmanian University Union elections under the banner of the Socialist Alliance. Shua Garfield and Sarah Cleary, both members of the socialist youth organisation Resistance, will be
BY CRAIG JOHNSTON The Victorian branch of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union sees the Socialist Alliance as a very welcome development. Working people are increasingly demanding strong, militant progressive unions to represent their needs


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