BY GRANT COLEMAN PERTH — "In smashing a peaceful blockade, the police are not only denying us the right to protest, they are helping to deny hundreds of Nike workers the right to a decent wage", Roberto Jorquera told the 40-strong crowd outside
Blatant sexism and gender stereotypes in action films are not new. Nor are unbelievable feats of daring unexpected in your average action flick. Predictable and tacky plots along the lines of the film Tomb Raider's "dutiful daughter fights to fulfill
[On June 17, the "Miami Five" while in custody sent a message to the people of the US] We have been accused of endangering the security of the United States and indicted on numerous charges, including crimes such as conspiracy to commit murder that
SYDNEY — In a big boost to the Socialist Alliance's NSW Senate campaign fundraising, a dinner attended by more than 100 people in Marrickville on July 14 raised more than $1250. It was the first major fundraiser organised by the seven Socialist
BY JON LAND The start of the formal election campaign period for East Timor's new Constituent Assembly began on July 15. Some 16 political parties and a number of independent candidates are contesting 88 seats in the election set for August 30,
BY RACHEL EVANS MELBOURNE — Following the July 16 fatal shooting of Steven Rogers, a security guard at the Fertility Control Clinic, pro-choice activists around the country mobilised to defend the right of women to safe, accessible abortion.
Democracy and RevolutionV.I. LeninResistance Books, 2001222 pages, $18.95 REVIEW BY JONATHAN STRAUSS Resistance Books' Democracy and Revolution represents a new effort by this publisher. Previous additions to its Resistance Marxist Library
BY STUART ROSS The Ulster Defense Association (UDA) — also known as the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) — has announced that it will be withdrawing its support for the Good Friday Agreement. "We can no longer remain silent in our criticism of
BY ARUN PRADHAN MELBOURNE — Maribyrnong City Councillor Sara Coward has added her support to a planned community rally which will call for the closure of the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre. The rally, scheduled for Footscray on July
BY MAX LANE There are now more political prisoners in Indonesia than there were during the last 12 months of General Suharto's 32-year rule. There are at least seven leaders of the West Papua independence movement in jail, some now on trial for


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