HOBART — Australia's "minister for racism" Philip Ruddock received an unwelcome reception when he spoke to a Liberal party meeting in Salamanca Square on July 5. Fifteen protesters slammed the government's "shameful" policy of forcibly detaining
BY DAVE MURPHY DARWIN — "The CLP government has passed the harshest laws in the commonwealth this century", Chris Howse of the Aboriginal Justice Advocacy told civil-rights protesters on July 5. The rally took place two days after the Public
The city of Juarez, on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border, provides a telling example of how "free trade" agreements affect the lives of ordinary people. Juarez is in Mexico's "free trade zone", a commercial zone along the northern border
BY JANE FRANKLIN As the 20th century opened, the United States was codifying future relations with Cuba in the Platt amendment. As the 20th century was ending, the United States was trying to restore past relations with Cuba through the Torricelli
BY EVA CHENG On the eve of the end of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's five-year-old Awami League government, a strike and protest wave is gripping Bangladesh. After thousands of garment workers rose nationally on July 1 to defend their
BY TIM STEWART BRISBANE — Nervous about activist plans to protest at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Brisbane on October 6, on July 2 the state ALP government announced on July 2 a high level "mediation unit" to negotiate with
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — The Socialist Alliance's Aston campaign committee decided on June 30 to direct voters to preference the Labor Party's candidate, Kieran Boland, ahead of the Greens' candidate, Mick Kir, in the July 14 by-election in
BY VIVIEN MILEY "A multi-billion dollar investment in the battle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria will save millions of people. Those already hit by these diseases would be able to live longer and healthier lives. Even the worst affected
In Malawi, 16% of adults are infected with HIV and 31% of women attending ante-natal clinics are HIV-positive. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the economy is already affecting economic growth rates. A study of tea workers shows mortality rates increased
Internet: the future Which way for the internet? Some observers have declared the internet dead (or boring, which is much the same in the fashion driven world of marketing). Forrester Research, the organisation which makes a lot of money hyping


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