Debt service payments and reforms attached to debt relief and new loans Reduced government spending and focus on export earning projects Reduced access to and poorer quality of services. Increase migration for employment HIV/AIDS flourishes
BY TYRION PERKINS & STUART MARTIN WOLLONGONG — Council workers have struck for two days here after Wollongong City Council refused to increase its pay offer in negotiations on a new enterprise agreement. Employees originally called for a 15%
BY SARAH STEPHEN Professor Israel Shahak, one of the most prominent and brave human rights activists in Israel, died on July 2 at the age of 68. Shahak, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Hebrew University, headed the Israeli League for Human and
BY REEM HALAWANI While touted as the new solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Mitchell report, tabled in June, is yet another example of the myths and lies peddled about the Palestinian cause since the inception of Israel 53 years
BY DICK NICHOLS On the evening of the NSW Labor Council's failed June 19 blockade of state parliament over the state ALP government's gutting of workers' compensation, the Socialist Alliance office received four or five phone calls from
BY SEAN HEALY @box text intr = One group of small farmers has managed to escape the wreckage of the coffee price plunge and the "tyranny of the C market": those farmers organised in the global Fair Trade network. To have their coffee certified as
BY GRANT COLEMAN PERTH — Organisers of a June 30 forum on the history of the original Communist Party of Australia got a rude shock when participants were more interested in discussing the future of socialism than condemning CPA mistakes.
Gothenburg I've now read dozens of letters on dozens of web sites almost identical to Warwick Carter's spleen-venting at the Gothenburg protesters (Write on, GLW #454). Nearly all end "I was sympathetic before but now I think you deserved to be
BY MEGAN WHITE-FOX BYRON BAY — US Independence Day (July 4) was marked here by the burning of a US "dollar signs and stripes" flag as part of a rally demanding drug law reform. The flag burning symbolised the US-led "war on drugs" that
Selling the work ethicBy Sharon BederScribe Publications, 2001292 pages, $30pb REVIEWED BY ALISON DELLIT Labour productivity in the First World has increased so dramatically since 1948 that North America could now reproduce the same standard of


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