On July 3, an Israeli settler named Yair Har-Sinai was shot to death near a settlement enclave south of the West Bank. Fellow-settlers, who were extensively interviewed, explained two things about him: unlike other settlers, he did not carry a gun
BY VIVIEN MILEY The involvement of the giant corporations in the global HIV/AIDS fund may quickly destroy what hope there is that the global fund will help stop the spread of the virus. On June 26, the day after the UN General Assembly's special
A coalition of independent trade unions organised a nation-wide protest on June 19 against a government proposal for a new labour code, which massively weakens the position of workers. The code would nullify collective bargaining, force workers to
Socialism with capitalist characteristics "They are also working for building socialism with Chinese characteristics." — Chinese President Jiang Zemin, announcing that businesspeople can join the Communist Party. The CCP? "If we let people
BY MICHAEL ARNOLD Over recent years the "drug problem" has been regularly discussed in the corporate media. In the midst of this discussion, more than 1000 Australian heroin users have died as a result of overdoses between 1996 and 2000. While
Last resortDirected by Pawel PawlikowskiWith Dina Korzun, Artiom Strelnikov and Paddy ConsidineScreened at the Sydney Film Festival REVIEWED BY SARAH STEPHEN Last resort is a unique insight into the cold, bleak reality of seeking asylum in
BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — Stoppages and pickets are breaking out in the electricity and building industries around Queensland, as unions campaign for improved enterprise bargaining agreements, focusing on key issues such as wages, job security and
BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — Twenty activists gathered on July 5 under the banner of Trade Unionists to Defend Workers' Compensation to call on the NSW Labor Council and affiliated unions to relaunch industrial action to defeat the state government's
BY SARAH STEPHEN Professor Israel Shahak, one of the most prominent and brave human rights activists in Israel, died on July 2 at the age of 68. Shahak, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Hebrew University, headed the Israeli League for Human and
Debt service payments and reforms attached to debt relief and new loans Reduced government spending and focus on export earning projects Reduced access to and poorer quality of services. Increase migration for employment HIV/AIDS flourishes


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