Donations Thanks to the kindness of a New South Wales couple, a bank account dedicated to receiving donations for me is now open. I am glad to inform those readers who have wanted to make a donation to me and to my cause — fighting the death
BY ANNA SWANEPOEL & LESLIE RICHMOND ADELAIDE — A $80 million proposal to "redevelop" the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has sparked concerns that the government intends to eventually privatise the hospital either in full or in part. Members of the
BY NORM DIXON JOHANNESBURG — Trade union militants and grassroots activists involved in a wave of working-class community struggles against evictions and cut-offs of water and electricity gathered here for the annual Khanya College winter school
BY MARC LYNCH Heated debate in the UN Security Council on June 26 previewed the coming showdown over the US-British "smart sanctions" initiative, designed to "re-energise" the international consensus on sanctions against Iraq. Faced with
BY SARAH STEPHEN A spate of clashes in recent months between detention centre guards and imprisoned asylum seekers has led the Howard government to escalate its campaign to demonise, and further punish, detainees who protest against the conditions
BY SEAN HEALY Drinking it in a wannabe-hip caf‚ in Newtown or Fitzroy, it smells of modern sophistication; hauling great bags of it down a steep hillside in East Timor or Colombia, it smells of age-old slavery. It's just a little bean, but coffee
Vigil marks death in custody PERTH — Seventy people attended a three-hour vigil outside Wesley Uniting church on June 21 to mark the June 18 death of a young Aboriginal man in the Bunbury regional prison. This was the 18th death in custody
BY SARAH CLEARY HOBART — The student representative body at the University of Tasmania has applied to the Anti-Discrimination Commission for an exemption to anti-discrimination laws in order to create a woman-only women's officer position, an
China's Dilemma: The Taiwan IssueBy Sheng LijunInstitute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore2001 239 pagesS$45.90 REVIEW BY EVA CHENG It's no accident that Sheng Lijun named his new book on Taiwan China's Dilemma — he seems to see "the Taiwan
BY KYLIE MOON& AVANTIKA CHANDRA MELBOURNE — On July 5, an embarrassed Nike management was forced to rescind the 20% discount it offered to police, following the announcement by Victorian police commanders that they might ban their officers from


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