Tasmanian upper house stymies land rights BY KAMALA EMANUEL HOBART — Showing the extent to which the official reconciliation process has served as a smoke-screen for refusing justice to Aboriginal people, the Tasmanian upper house has released
BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — The NSW Industrial Relations Commission handed down its long-awaited ruling on the pay equity test case on June 30. The decision established a new wage-fixing principle on equal pay for work of equal value — the equal
Union backdown on tax office agreement BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — Unionists in the Australian Taxation Office have ended their industrial campaign after voting on June 27 to accept a recommendation by the tax section council of the Community and
MEXICO CITY — The July 2 presidential elections here have resulted in a crushing, historical defeat for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has been in power for 71 years. It would be difficult to underestimate the importance of this
Queensland hospital workers strike BY BILL MASON BRISBANE — Nurses, doctors and support staff in south-east Queensland staged a snap 24-hour strike on July 6 in an unprecedented display of anger against poor wages and working conditions in
Dear Citizen, By now, of course, you've read all those GST information leaflets our government has been sending out, and you have a complete understanding of how it's all going to work. The new system is NUTS — the New Universal Taxation System —
BY SEAN HEALY The International Monetary Fund's efforts to repackage itself as an institution motivated by concern for the poor have been dealt a blow by a new report which reveals that the IMF's "Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers" are no different
Still reeling under the weight of the 1997-98 Asian economic crisis and angered by government lies, spending attacks and scandals, thousands of people from a range of social groups took to Hong Kong's streets on consecutive weekends in late
BY DAVE RILEY Robert Long is lucky to be alive. As a "witness" wanted in connection to the Childers Hostel fire, Long was indeed fortunate to make it to jail with only a flesh wound. I'm sure there are many who thought Long was ready made for the
Arabunna walkers reach Broken Hill BY NERISSA ELI Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott left his home at Lake Eyre South on June 10 to begin walking to Sydney. He is being joined by local, international and indigenous supporters. His walk is to


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