Spotlight on Indonesia-East Timor Student shot dead by police in Kalimantan A series of peaceful protests at the parliament in the provincial capital of West Kalimantan, Pontianak, has forced the postponement of a meeting to accept or reject the
BY SEAN HEALY SYDNEY — Having already enunciated the doctrine of "trade uber alles", the world's business and political leaders are preparing for a new "assault on the commons" and the "privatisation of everything", Canadian activist and author
Clouds gather over Bondi stadium BY MARINA CARMAN SYDNEY — "Gladiator winds may take out the Bondi Colosseum before construction is even finished", Waverley City indigenous councillor and Bondi Olympic Watch member Dominic Kanak has claimed.
Despite its media billing as a substantive loosening of the United States' four-decade-long economic blockade of Cuba, a new bill passed by the US Congress will tighten the blockade by codifying restrictions on travel to the island and by prohibiting
Judith Wright, 1915-2000 BY JIM MCILROY Judith Wright, one of Australia's greatest poets and a life-long fighter for Aboriginal rights and environmental and social justice, died on June 25 in Canberra Hospital after a long illness. Her death
CUBA: Elian's homecoming: when the people heard the news HAVANA, June 30 — My phone rang a few minutes after noon. It was my neighbour. "The Supreme Court ruled that Elian can come home!", she blurted out. The ordeal would soon be over. Picked
Tasmanian upper house stymies land rights BY KAMALA EMANUEL HOBART — Showing the extent to which the official reconciliation process has served as a smoke-screen for refusing justice to Aboriginal people, the Tasmanian upper house has released
BY JENNY LONG SYDNEY — The NSW Industrial Relations Commission handed down its long-awaited ruling on the pay equity test case on June 30. The decision established a new wage-fixing principle on equal pay for work of equal value — the equal
Union backdown on tax office agreement BY CHRIS SLEE MELBOURNE — Unionists in the Australian Taxation Office have ended their industrial campaign after voting on June 27 to accept a recommendation by the tax section council of the Community and
MEXICO CITY — The July 2 presidential elections here have resulted in a crushing, historical defeat for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has been in power for 71 years. It would be difficult to underestimate the importance of this


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