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Think again, Sidoti
About your report [GLW #410] by Sean Healy of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner Chris Sidoti's offer to train Burma's SPDC officials (military officers) in human rights law,

Resistance conference dares to struggle and win
MELBOURNE — Opening Resistance's 29th national conference here on June 29, the group's Sydney branch organiser, Will Williams, stated, "Now, more than ever, there's the need for an

Clear and convincing account of socialism
Socialism on TrialBy James P. CannonResistance Books, 1999211 pp., $17.95 (pb) REVIEW BY JULIAN COPPENS
Socialism on Trial, by legendary United States socialist leader James P. Cannon, is an extremely

Last month's announcement by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation that the preferred tenderer to supply its new nuclear reactor is an Argentinian company drew much media and public attention. The company

Textile workers win right to pattern bargain
GEELONG — One hundred and ten textile workers at Brintons Carpets here became the first in their industry in the region to win an enterprise agreement which allows for subsequent

Dictatorship nostalgia
"I often hear investors lamenting the good old days — when policy was predictable and you knew who to talk with to fix a problem." — World Bank country director for Indonesia, Mark Baird, on why it is "unreasonable" to

The ruling interests in India's north-eastern state of Bihar sent their killer gang, the Ranvir Sena, on a new rampage on June 16, which resulted in the massacre of nearly 50 villagers from Miyanpur in the Aurangabad district in central Bihar. Ranvir

Race and class in the US: 'Downloading while Asian'
SAN FRANCISCO — Racial profiling — the practice of casting suspicion on individuals on the basis of their skin colour — is not new to blacks in the US. African-American parents teach their

"The enemy could attack at any time." — Ibrahim Osman, Eritrean hotel manager The words above were spoken in response to the Ethiopian troop movement that threatened Eritrea. Despite sharing 620 miles of common border, these two

FIJI: Military appointed government 'completes the coup'
The following is a statement on the appointment by Fiji's military of a new "civilian" government. It was issued by Felix Anthony, general secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress. The


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