AUSTRIA: Trade unions organise day of action GRAZ, Austria — Austria's trade union peak body organised a day of action on June 28 to condemn the anti-worker program of the new People's Party-Freedom Party government. It was the first day of
INDONESIA: Yet another human rights investigation compromised The government of President Abdurrahman Wahid appears to be indulging in a veritable orgy of investigations into human rights violations — ranging from the post-ballot violence in East
Bring Out The Dead Starring Nicholas Cage Directed by Martin Scorsese At Cinemas Everywhere  REVIEW BY STUART MUNCKTON One Sunday afternoon when I was feeling a bit down, I went to the cinema to watch whatever was on in order
Why Labor won't abolish Howard's GST BY SUE BOLAND Politicians, backed by mainstream journalists, like to create the impression that certain aspects of the economy work in an almost supernatural way such that governments are powerless to affect
'World heritage in danger' campaign intensified By Jim Green Traditional owners and campaigners opposing the Jabiluka uranium mine in the Northern Territory are intensifying their push to have Kakadu National Park listed as "World heritage in
John Howard, the 'miniature man' BY PETER JOHNSTON DARWIN — Prime Minister John Howard's million dollar centenary of federation trip to London stood in contrast to his government's mean-spirited treatment of members of the stolen generations of
Resistance conference dares to struggle and win BY SIMON BUTLER MELBOURNE — Opening Resistance's 29th national conference here on June 29, the group's Sydney branch organiser, Will Williams, stated, "Now, more than ever, there's the need for an
BY JUSTIN RANDELL & CHRIS ATKINSON BRISBANE — Student environmentalists are set to combine their campaigns with those that are part of the growing international sentiment against corporate greed, after intensive discussions by 400 activists
SOUTH AFRICA: Thousands march to demand access to AIDS treatment The prices of HIV/AIDS drugs across the globe are unaffordable. Poor people are dying because they cannot buy drugs or get access to quality health care. Drug prices must come down.
Write on: Letters to the editor Think again, Sidoti About your report [GLW #410] by Sean Healy of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner Chris Sidoti's offer to train Burma's SPDC officials (military officers) in human rights law,


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