The federal Coalition government has received seven private tenders to conduct a "human rights" training program for 43 members of the Burmese military regime. Burmese democracy activists have protested that the program will

On June 27, 1905, 203 individuals and delegates from various trade union and socialist organisations met in Chicago for the Continental Congress of the Working Class. Bill Haywood — leader of the Western Federation of Miners (WFM) — called it to

CISLAC consultation a success
Latin America solidarity planned
BRISBANE — A public meeting detailing the resistance to neo-liberalism in Latin America kicked off the Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the

Following its strong showing in the May London Assembly election, the
London Socialist Alliance (LSA) scored well in the June 22 parliamentary
by-election in the north London seat of Tottenham. LSA candidate Weyman
Bennett won 885 votes, or

With the introduction of the GST on July 1, we will be forced to increase the price of Green Left Weekly. This will be the first price increase for GLW since August 1995.
Through the GST, the government will take one 11th of GLW's sales income. As

Indonesia news briefs
Newspaper survey critical of government
Six hundred and eighty respondents to an internet survey conducted by the daily Media Indonesia said that the government has done little for the ordinary people and not enough to bring

Write on: Letters to the editor
Ruddock's cunning plan
Philip Ruddock and his team in the government's immigration department have concocted a cunning plan to stop refugees from making the desperate journey to Australia by sea.
It features

"Twenty per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia are the result of flatulence from cows and sheep [therefore] ... restrictions would have a dramatic impact on the farm sector." — National Party senior federal vice-president David

Not good enough
The ALP's persistent refusal to repeal the GST when it next forms federal government is not good enough.
There is already abundant evidence that the GST, even accompanied by income tax cuts, will make most people worse off. For

Shop stewards endorse Campaign 2000 settlement
MELBOURNE — Meetings of Metal Trades Federation of Unions shop stewards here on June 21 and 22 have endorsed a deal brokered between the MTFU and a group of breakaway employers


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