Write on: Letters to the editor Ruddock's cunning plan Philip Ruddock and his team in the government's immigration department have concocted a cunning plan to stop refugees from making the desperate journey to Australia by sea. It features
Bloated "Twenty per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia are the result of flatulence from cows and sheep [therefore] ... restrictions would have a dramatic impact on the farm sector." — National Party senior federal vice-president David
With the introduction of the GST on July 1, we will be forced to increase the price of Green Left Weekly. This will be the first price increase for GLW since August 1995. Through the GST, the government will take one 11th of GLW's sales income. As
Indonesia news briefs Newspaper survey critical of government Six hundred and eighty respondents to an internet survey conducted by the daily Media Indonesia said that the government has done little for the ordinary people and not enough to bring
Shop stewards endorse Campaign 2000 settlement BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — Meetings of Metal Trades Federation of Unions shop stewards here on June 21 and 22 have endorsed a deal brokered between the MTFU and a group of breakaway employers
Green Left is taking a break Many of the activists involved in producing Green Left Weekly will be in Melbourne attending the Resistance national conference on June 29-July 2 (see article on page ?). We are therefore postponing the next issue of
Not good enough The ALP's persistent refusal to repeal the GST when it next forms federal government is not good enough. There is already abundant evidence that the GST, even accompanied by income tax cuts, will make most people worse off. For
Community workers demand 'quality services, quality pay' BY NICK EVERETT & TRISH CORCORAN SYDNEY — In the largest mobilisation of community and welfare workers in years, 1000 workers went on strike and marched through Sydney's central
Nike site jammed The web site of corporate giant Nike was hacked into on June 21, diverting visitors to the web site of the S11 Alliance ( http://www.s11.org) which is organising large demonstrations against the September conference of the World
Please help me' As promised, from time to time in this space, I am sharing what a day in the life of a man on Georgia's death row is like. I spent the day writing the letter below; it speaks for itself. Be advised that, on June 5, 2000, Mr


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