SRI LANKA: Army faces serious defeat In the wake of a string of dramatic military victories by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Sri Lankan government has appealed for foreign military assistance. Some 35,000 Sri Lankan troops have
The disruption of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) summit in Seattle for three days last November by thousands of people, and the follow-up protest actions in Washington in mid-April showed the increasing anger about the blatant inequality and
loose cannons Please explain "We're going through hard times but like a piece of steel when you temper it, every time you heat it up and hammer it, it becomes harder." — One Nation Senator Len Harris quoted in Time magazine, May 1. Sounds
ZIMBABWE: Crisis showcases reasons for IMF, World Bank protests In Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe appears to have taken leave of his senses, potentially plunging his country of 12 million people into civil war. What does this have to do with
Capitalist economists, media magnates, business people and politicians tell us that we are moving towards a "globalised" world economy in which capital and investment can move around freely and the Third World can compete in a "free" international
Life of Riley: Elian, the bogyman's here Elian! Elian! Where is that boy? Elian, you come to your uncle this minute! Dammit. I got the US government on my doorstep and the friggin' kid's no where to be found. Elian! Elian! Oh, he's like this
BY SEAN HEALY Whether the setting is a remote Aboriginal community, a New York ghetto or a housing estate for Algerian migrants on the outskirts of Paris, the governments of all the major industrialised countries are turning to outright repression
Led by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), the workers of South Korea's four main automobile manufacturers have launched a united campaign to resist a government plan to allow the sale of Daewoo Motors, one of the four, to a foreign
ZIMBABWE: Uninformed 'solidarity' It is difficult to imagine why the Communist Party of Australia's Guardian published an article about the events in Zimbabwe (“Demonising Mugabe to protect white farmers”, April 19) that lacks the most
Moya Farrell, 1940-2000 BY ZENY GILES NEWCASTLE — Moya Farrell's activism began at university when she joined a protest outside a hotel in South Yarra, Victoria, which refused to serve Pacific Islanders. She proudly held up a sign which said,


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