BY SEAN HEALY Whether the setting is a remote Aboriginal community, a New York ghetto or a housing estate for Algerian migrants on the outskirts of Paris, the governments of all the major industrialised countries are turning to outright repression
Led by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), the workers of South Korea's four main automobile manufacturers have launched a united campaign to resist a government plan to allow the sale of Daewoo Motors, one of the four, to a foreign
ZIMBABWE: Uninformed 'solidarity' It is difficult to imagine why the Communist Party of Australia's Guardian published an article about the events in Zimbabwe (“Demonising Mugabe to protect white farmers”, April 19) that lacks the most
Life of Riley: Elian, the bogyman's here Elian! Elian! Where is that boy? Elian, you come to your uncle this minute! Dammit. I got the US government on my doorstep and the friggin' kid's no where to be found. Elian! Elian! Oh, he's like this
Olympics: 'the world will be watching' BY ARUN PRADHAN MELBOURNE — All those who want to see justice for Aboriginal people should raise their voices and protest during the Olympic Games in Sydney in September, veteran Aboriginal activist Gary
KURDISTAN: Solidarity helps stop attacks on communists The following is abridged from a letter sent on April 20 by Rebwar Ahmed, secretary of the central committee of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, to all those organisations which supported
BY DAVE HOLMES WOLLONGONG — Since its reopening in February, emissions from Port Kembla Copper's smelter here have made life miserable for residents in nearby suburbs. For those with health problems, it has often been life threatening. The main
Moya Farrell, 1940-2000 BY ZENY GILES NEWCASTLE — Moya Farrell's activism began at university when she joined a protest outside a hotel in South Yarra, Victoria, which refused to serve Pacific Islanders. She proudly held up a sign which said,
On April 21, the federal treasurer Peter Costello announced the cancellation of the bilateral debt owed by Nicaragua and Ethiopia to Australia as part of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) program to reduce the debt of heavily indebted poor
Critical Mass blocks CityLink MELBOURNE — Critical Mass activists targeted the hated CityLink freeway project and Domain tunnel for their monthly cycle protest on April 28. Two hundred cyclists rode onto the tollway, blocking all five lanes of


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