By Michael Karadjis On January 15, the paramilitary killer Zeljko Raznatovic, also known as Arkan, was shot and killed in Belgrade, adding another to the 500 unsolved murders of high-ranking individuals in Serbia in the last few years. This was
Australia signs new Timor Gap treaty The Australian government has signed a new treaty with the United Nations Transitional Authority in East Timor for the disposition of gas reserves in the Timor Sea. The Byun Undan Gas Recycling Development
Ruddock confronted by anti-racists By Luke Fomiatti SYDNEY — Immigration minister Philip Ruddock held a "community consultation" here on March 1 at the Joan Sutherland Centre in Penrith. A crowd of angry protesters, including members of
WA old growth forest loss continues PERTH — Behind the smokescreen of the state government's revised regional forest agreement (RFA), which halts logging in an additional 9000 hectares of old growth karri and karri/tingle forest, the WA
Talk is cheap, silence is worth less Prime Minister John Howard, in an interview with the Australian first reported on February 28, abandoned the December 31 deadline for the adoption of a document on Aboriginal reconciliation. The deadline was
Racism is a feminist issue Despite successive governments' rhetoric about reconciliation, many indigenous people in Australia live in Third World conditions and, across the board, Aboriginal people have lower levels of health, education employment,
Mardi Gras should be more than a party By Anne Hellewig SYDNEY — The world famous annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras took place here on March 4. It drew spectators and participants from all over the world, and the parade was televised around
Residents demand clean air By Nick Everett SYDNEY — Fifty residents protested here on February 29 against the pollution of their suburbs by the unfiltered ventilation stacks used as part of the city's road tunnel program. The protest, in
By Marina Carman "The supposed invincibility of the free market and capitalism was dealt a big blow last December in Seattle as thousands of trade unionists, environmentalists, anti-sweatshop activists, students and others effectively shut down the
Reparations for injustice By Brandon Astor Jones "Victim status is more coveted in modern America than wealth or power. Jews over the Holocaust. Blacks still float 'restitution for slavery' schemes. Women claim to need affirmative action." —
Labor: criticisms but no promises By Kerry Baker HOBART — Federal shadow minister for education Michael Lee strongly condemned the federal government's goods and services tax, and its likely impact on education, but carefully avoided
Students oppose military Marina Carman One hundred and fifty students staged a protest outside the office of the regional legislative assembly in Surabaya, Indonesia, on February 22. The students were angry at the Indonesian military's
World Bank sneers at debt relief WORLD BANK president James Wolfensohn told a media conference in Manila on February 26 that using Christianity's Jubilee year as a platform to campaign for debt relief for the Third World is "whimsical" and could
Campaign to save Iraqi women By Lisa Macdonald Zarian was murdered in 1997 by her male relatives for marrying the man she loved without her father's permission. In 1997, Kazhal Kheder's male relatives cut off her nose; they had wanted to kill her
By Ahmad Nimer RAMALLAH — Recent events at the main Palestinian university, Birzeit University, have resulted in the growth of the most significant protest movement here since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA). For the first
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