Wrong people, wrong purpose Just about everyone is supporting John Howard's new "Timor tax" to fund the Australian Defence Force commitment there. Labor leader Kim Beazley immediately supported it, as did the Democrats' Meg Lees. The Australian
'Our trust' By Brandon Astor Jones "If Hollywood adopts the attitude of ... putting money behind African-American themed dramas such as The Best Man, maybe our Black actors [will not] have to risk extinction by simply holding out for
By Jim Green The federal government's plan to dump nuclear waste in northern South Australia may have to be scrapped because of fierce opposition in the state. Indicative of the opposition was the attendance of more than 900 people at a public
Life on the wharves By Robert Darcy SYDNEY — Everyone knows a story or two about how "lazy" and "unproductive" wharfies are. That's what I found out when I started work on the waterfront a few months ago. "Wharfies earn $100,000 a year for 12
Wages lag behind profits, managers' pay By Jonathan Singer Wages are still falling relative to executive pay and profits. Afraid of "some resentment in the community" at the seven-figure annual salaries for managing directors of many
World's harshest refugee laws By Iggy Kim With last week's passing of the Border Protection Bill by the federal Coalition and Labor parties, Hansonism became law. Australia now ranks as the most anti-refugee among the wealthy, predatory countries
Ignoring people and wasting technology Who would have thought it? The end of the millennium is upon us (or will be in 13 months, depending on your view), and its most important feature is a technology stuff-up. The Y2K bug, as it has been labelled,
Feeling SexyWritten and Directed by Davina AllenProduced by Glenys RoweOpens nationally December 23 Review by Melanie Sjoberg This film offers a promising journey into the passionate world of fantasy and young love intruded upon by the harsh
Members First wins good hearing in CPSU elections By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Members First, a rank-and-file team making its first foray into Community and Public Sector Union elections, has performed well in contests in the Centrelink section
By Kerryn Williams SYDNEY — The Marxism 2000 Asia Pacific Solidarity and Education Conference initiated by Resistance and the Democratic Socialist Party will be a major forum for discussing youth and student issues and campaigns. Along with the
Ireland's part in Fortress Europe By Sinead Corcoran The Irish government has joined the ranks of those taking harsh action against refugees, enforcing draconian laws and planning to deport thousands of asylum seekers. Immigration became an issue
Nuclear fuel secretly shipped from Sydney By Jim Green SYDNEY — On November 25, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation trucked 308 spent fuel rods from its Lucas Heights reactor plant to Port Botany. The fuel rods are being
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