By Eva Cheng The Indian left scored very mixed results in the September-October general elections, but the challenge ahead is extraordinary. The Hindu neo-fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to secure national power a second time by
HARARE — Riot police used batons and tear gas to disperse scores of students protesting against delays in the disbursement of their allocations at the University of Zimbabwe on October 19. Large boulders and concrete slabs were used to set up
Labor gains in UTS elections By Will Williams SYDNEY — The left's influence was weakened considerably in the recent University of Technology, Sydney, (UTS) students' association elections, to the advantage of the National Organisation of Labor
By Jim Green A survey commissioned by Greenpeace has revealed a strong anti-nuclear sentiment in the Australian population. The survey, conducted by Insight Research Australia in late September and early October, involved telephone interviews with
By James Vassilopoulos CANBERRA — Coroner Shayne Madden's report, released on November 4, into the July 1997 hospital demolition which killed schoolgirl Katie Bender found that the project "failed systemically". The report damns the ACT Liberal
Fiddling on the margins I'm a great one for the 17th century in Great Britain. Lemuel Gulliver and Robinson Crusoe were about, Moll Flanders was abed somewhere and Shakespeare shared its course until 1616. Great times were had by all. What with
By Pip Hinman Internationally acclaimed film-maker and journalist John Pilger has endorsed a campaign to call Australian foreign policy makers to account for their part in the genocide in East Timor over the last 24 years. "The part played by the
By Luis Abarca SYDNEY — Among all the national and international scandals which surround the Olympic movement, perhaps one of the worst is not yet widely known. With less than a year before the Olympic Games in Sydney, safety questions have been
By Sean Healy Thai authorities plan to deport up to 3000 Burmese dissidents to third countries, including Australia. All Burmese student dissidents must register for "resettlement" with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) by
By Kylie Moon BANKSTOWN — The student occupation at the Bankstown campus of the University of Western Sydney (Macarthur) has entered its 10th day, having already forced the university administration to agree to 23 of its 26 demands. The
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