Skilled audacity Shine Eyed Mister ZenKelly Joe PhelpsRykodisc RCD 10476 Review by Barry Healy Kelly Joe Phelps delights in extracting the last drop of passion and pain out of the acoustic slide guitar, bending and scratching at the strings till
Left leads in Uruguay election The left-wing coalition, the Broad Front (FA), scored the highest vote in Uruguay's national elections, held on October 31. FA presidential candidate Tabaré Vázquez, of the Socialist Party, won 38.5% of
A win for reaction The defeat of the republic referendum on Saturday was a victory for reaction. It was not an unmixed victory, however, and need not be a major one, provided progressive-minded people understand the reasons for it. The result of
A Political Prescription A Political Prescription I couldn't get to sleep last night,my mind was not at ease,I couldn't get to sleep last night,the Doctor said, I have a Capitalist Disease.Please explain, just what do you mean?She said, you
By Kerryn Williams SYDNEY — While waiting for the train to the city, I caught sight of the new addition to the landscape: an enormous billboard advertising Kayser "Perfects" underwear. The main image was of an extremely thin woman, wearing only
Proportional representation 'the best system' In a media statement issued on November 4, the Progressive Labour Party has condemned the NSW Labor government's planned changes to the Legislative Council, saying they would turn the upper house into
Management digs in at Melbourne Uni By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — Up to 10 universities will be hit by industrial disputes this year as the National Tertiary Education Industry Union continues its national campaign for better salaries and
By Sue Boland Two federal Coalition government decisions this year indicate that the ground is being prepared for a major assault on women's rights. The first was the decision to provide $220,000 to the national office of the anti-abortion
Networker: Do technologies converge? The information technology world is awash with talk of "convergence". This means different things to different people, but its simplest meaning is: television, telephones and personal computers are all merging
By James Smith SYDNEY — Despite a torrential downpour on October 23, well over 160 guests attended Left and Live, the annual Green Left Weekly fundraising dinner here. Billed as an evening of hard-hitting political comedy and music, the event
By Sam King JAKARTA Suharto's fall and the mass movement that overthrew him have inspired a massive increase in the struggle for democracy in Indonesia's "autonomous province" of Aceh. On November 4, more than 30,000 people demonstrated in Aceh
By Jim Green More than 100 people working in the nuclear industry, and about eight anti-nuclear activists, attended a two-day conference hosted by the Australian Nuclear Association (ANA) in Canberra on October 27-28. The conference theme was the
Marina Carman The Sydney Morning Herald revealed on November 2 that author Naomi Wolf was being paid A$23,000 a month to advise US Vice President Al Gore on how to win over younger voters. In Australia, 1970s feminist Anne Summers was hired by
Bank profits built on job cuts By Jonathan Singer On November 4, the Finance Sector Union (FSU) again called on Westpac to reverse its decisions to close more country branches and cut 3000 jobs, after Australia's four big banks announced record
Looking out:' . . . www.booondocks.com' By Brandon Astor Jones "Boon-docks (boon' doks') pl.n. Slang. 1. Wild and dense brush; jungle. 2. Rural country; backwoods." — The American Heritage Dictionary The United States should be grateful for
By Allen Myers Industrial relations minister Peter Reith last week responded to the ACTU's launch of a campaign against excessive working hours by saying that most workers want to work overtime, because they want the extra money. Of course, if


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