Putting the mates back in the preamble An alternative draft constitutional preamble by Graham Matthews With hope in the international financial markets, the wealth of 'stralia is constituted as a plutocracy with a federal mint to serve the ruling
By Zanny Begg You could keep your eyes shut during Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and not miss much. The meandering three-hour-long film is boring. So mild and boring it is hard to image how it earned its R rating. True, Tom Cruise and Nicole
Indonesian army stokes violence in Aceh By James Balowski On August 4, a two-day general strike in Indonesia's northernmost province of Aceh left most cities and towns deserted, public transport paralysed and business brought to a standstill.
The Left in History: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth Century PoliticsBy Willie ThompsonPluto Press, 1997, 263 pp., $44.95. Review by Jonathan Singer What are the political lessons from the left's history in the 20th century? Willie Thompson
Gender roles for sale Feminism is no longer necessary. Little girls are being taught that they can do anything that little boys can. Little boys are taught that they don't have to be confined to stereotyped male behaviour or interests. The next
Climate change impacts on Arctic A three-week Greenpeace expedition to the retreating Arctic ice pack, completed on July 31, has uncovered new evidence that climate change is impacting on the wildlife and ecology of the region. The Greenpeace
By Chris Latham Voter registration for the August 30 ballot on autonomy or independence for East Timor finished on August 6. Around 427,000 people registered. The large number of registrations is significant, reflecting the refusal of the East
Timor: 'We need to mobilise people's power' By Max Lane JAKARTA — Shalar Kosi is the secretary general of the Socialist Party of Timor (PST). In an interview with Green Left Weekly, he stressed that the crucial question for socialists in East
Garvaghy: A Community Under SiegeBy the Garvaghy Road ResidentsBeyond the Pale PublicationsBelfast, 120pp.Send £8.99 to 5-7 Conway St, Belfast, BT13 2DEE-mail <info@btpale.ie> for postage rates Review by Stuart Ross On July 4, the
Coalminers strike for workers' entitlements By Jonathan Singer Coalminers across Australia struck on August 13. The miners, all members of the mining division of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, were protesting government


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