By Rohan Pearce HOBART — Discussions between Resistance and Keep Left (a student electoral grouping made up of members from the Non-Aligned Left (NAL) and Tasmania University Greens), about forming a united left ticket to intervene in the
Brisbane Resistance was appalled at the attempt by Griffith University administration to ban the women's edition of the campus newspaper Gravity for featuring a picture of women's genitals with a poem which read "this is my cunt, it is beautiful like
Poor dears "Unease ... has become something of a permanent state of mind for investors in Russia." — Sheryle Bagwell in the Australian Financial Review. Stop press "... there is no real intellectual conservative movement in Australia." —
By Doris On the third attempt we made it — a meeting with some of the women guerrilla fighters in East Timor. These women are part of Falintil, the resistance army that has been fighting for freedom in Timor Loro Sae (East Timor) since the
Skin-deep beauty The Beauty Queen of LeenaneBy Martin McDonaghSydney Theatre CompanyThe Wharf, SydneyUntil September 4 Review by Brendan Doyle On Broadway it was the season's most acclaimed new play, where it won four Tony awards and several
Pangea campaign begins By Grant Coleman PERTH — The relocation soon of the head office of Pangea Resources, the company that has proposed the construction of an international high-level nuclear waste dump in Australia, indicates its interest in
Opposition grows to M5 'death stack' By Jonathan Singer SYDNEY — About 100 people packed the Ferncourt primary school hall in Marrickville on August 11 to begin organising against the construction of the unfiltered exhaust stack for the M5
ACT forced to negotiate with bursars By Sue Bull CANBERRA — School bursars, locked out of schools three weeks ago for banning extra duties, have forced the ACT government to agree to upgrade their wage classification. The breakthrough in the
By Siddartha DELHI — "The Kargil war [in Kashmir between India and Pakistan] was forced on India. It had no other choice." This was the Indian establishment's consensus on the Kargil crisis. But let us stretch this argument a few steps further.
Socialists in Prague have appealed for international solidarity against political violence directed against them by several anarchist groups. An appeal issued by the League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI) has called for the recent


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