SA cops' culture of racist violence exposed By Norm Dixon Television footage has graphically illustrated how little the culture of racist violence and lawlessness within the South African Police Service (SAPS) has changed as South Africa's second
Wik When I heard our esteemed Attorney General in an ABC interview (March 22) criticise the findings of the United Nations Committee on Discrimination that the Wik amendments were discriminatory and therefore breaking international law, it was like
By Jonathan Singer Federal industrial relations minister Peter Reith on May 6 detailed proposed "second wave" changes to industrial relations law that will further reduce workers' ability to organise industrial action and control their unions and
Jill Barad is arguably the world's highest paid woman. According to the April 29 Sydney Morning Herald, despite her company's revenue decline during 1997, Barad's total

and ain't i a woman?

... and ain't I a woman?: 'Share-her-smile-but-not-her-wealth' Jill


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