NZ students say: 'Butt out of student affairs' By Zanny Begg In April university students across New Zealand were asked to vote in referendums on whether membership of student unions should be compulsory or voluntary. Initially the private
Free East Timor campaign escalates By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — The East Timorese community held a rally in the city centre to coincide with the New York signing of an agreement between Indonesia and Portugal on East Timor on May 5.
Support for East Timor and democracy in Indonesia By Bea Brear and Jenny Long SYDNEY — On May 5, around 25 people attended a Univeristy of NSW Resistance Club public forum about the political situation in East Timor and Indonesia. Green Left
Hunger strike As part of the international day of solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor on May 22, high school students and Resistance are organising a 24-hour hunger strike. The aim is to raise money for the People's Democratic Party (PRD)
Music for buffaloes and punters alike By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — "Buffalo Music", a May 1 concert raising funds which will go to East Timorese farmers for buying buffaloes, attracted more than 500 people and raised almost $7000. The crowd
Attempt to hide GST impact on indigenous people By Margaret Allum The minister for Aboriginal affairs, Senator John Herron, admitted on April 29 that he ordered the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) to remove from its web
Tamil priest calls for solidarity By Bronwyn Beechey ADELAIDE — Fifty people attended a meeting organised by the Tamil community here on May 1. The guest speaker was Father Kasparaj, who hosts a Tamil-language show on Radio Veritas Asia, a
Bronc Finlay, 1904-1999 On March 11, in his 95th year, Communist Party veteran Bronc Finlay died. One of Comrade Finlay's greatest contributions to the proletarian cause was spearheading the Communist Party of Australia's courageous and
Teaching what? "I think after this is all over, I'll take a lesson in humility and go back to teaching." — Jamie Shea, NATO's chief spokesperson on the war against Serbia, after his inability to put the line convincingly forced NATO to boost his
India: mafia, massacres and mass resistance DELHI — Class exploitation takes extreme forms in India. Workers are forced to sell their labour for a pittance. Landlords and bosses use criminal gangs to enforce subservience, with wholesale massacres
East Timor features at Australian May Day rallies Rallies and marches were held on the weekend of May 1 and 2 to mark May Day, the international day of workers' solidarity. Bronwen Beechey reports for Adelaide that around 500 people rallied on May
By Richard Ingram Issue number 12 of the socialist journal Links has just appeared. As is typical of Links, it ranges around the world, covering topics of importance to socialists and the labour movement in many countries. The theme of this issue
By Michael Karadjis NATO's bombing has caused hundreds of civilian deaths in Serbia, strengthened the Milosevic regime and resulted in a massive escalation of the Serbian regime's genocidal assault against Kosova's Albanian majority. This confronts
By Nick Everett On May 3-5, Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) members in Centrelink, the federal government's service delivery agency, voted on a new enterprise agreement. The result was 63% for, 37% against, reflecting a sharp debate among
By Paul Oboohov CANBERRA — In the ACT budget announced on May 4, Kate Carnell's Liberal government proposed to cut 450 ACT government jobs to save $86 million a year and supposedly eliminate the ACT budget deficit by the end of the 2000-01
What you are not supposed to see By Brandon Astor Jones "The public does not care what happens to people in prison." — Alison Fitzgerald Recently, I went to get a mop to scrub the floor of the cell I occupy. The mop was old and battered, but


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