By the Access News team MELBOURNE — Melbourne's only community controlled TV station is experiencing a financial crisis that could result in the closure of the station forever. Independent TV, free from government or corporate influence, is rare
By Jon Land While the people of East Timor contemplate the prospect of voting in August on whether to reject or accept the Indonesian government's offer of "autonomy", they are also preparing for an increase in attacks from the pro-integration
By Chris Latham The movement that developed last year in Indonesia, culminating in big upsurges in May and November, was based on concerns arising out of economic insecurity, and growing anger and rejection of the undemocratic and repressive
To our brothers and sisters in Australia, struggling to defend the right of students to organise to defend their rights and oppose the unjust policies of the Australian government, we send our support and solidarity. The Australian government's
East Timor and trade union solidarity Workers and their unions are starting to discuss how they can take action in solidarity with the East Timorese nation's fight to decide its own future. Aircraft maintenance workers' delegates at the Qantas
John Howard and Alexander Downer would have us believe that the Australian government has a deep concern for human rights in Indonesia and East Timor. In reality, the Liberal government and the previous Labor government have a record of supporting
By Jonathan Singer In the second week of the campaign by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) against mass retrenchments and pay cuts, members of the Korean Metal Workers Federation (KMWF) have played the key role in industrial action.
ANU restructuring' CANBERRA — On April 12 the Australian National University council announced a review of the structure and programs of all faculties in order to reduce an alleged 15% deficit in funding. The review will be carried out by a
Although the Indonesian regime has freed some political prisoners since the fall of Suharto, more than 20 key political prisoners remain in jail. Eight are members of the People's Democratic Party (PRD). PRD chairperson Budiman Sujatmiko, Dita Sari,
By Angela Luvera On May 21 last year, Indonesian dictator Suharto was forced to resign. The military's killing of four students at the University of Trisakti on May 12 triggered massive protests and riots in Jakarta on May 13-14, which culminated
From the insights of Abu Tayeb These are hard times! We don't live near Kosovo. We live in a camp near Nablus. But our little satellite dish broke anyway just when NATO was starting to bomb over there, and my children have not been able to watch
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