By Nick Everett On April 27, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) Centrelink section council voted to recommend Centrelink's proposals for a new industrial agreement to union members. The vigorous debate that preceded the vote, and the 10
Sydney artist condemns 'Dr John' SYDNEY — Pictured is a lino-cut relief by Sydney artist Stephen Corry of "Dr" John Howard coming to the aid of the Australian poor (represented as a bed-ridden skull propped up by a pillow of bones). Dr John has a
By Allen Myers "At their Summit meeting in Washington in April 1999, NATO Heads of State and Government approved the Alliance's new Strategic Concept", declared a press communiqué issued in Washington on April 24. The document contains
By Bronwen Beechey ADELAIDE — A 24-hour picket at the site of the proposed power station at Pelican Point on the Le Fevre Peninsula is continuing, despite more arrests of protesters on April 27. Local residents and members of Community Action for
Just possibly "The disclosure that American firms have been selling oil to [Serbia during April] ... is likely to undercut American efforts to moralise to the rest of the world." — Sydney Morning Herald, April 28. Clearly "We clearly
By Patrick Bond JOHANNESBURG — The lack of a serious left alternative to the centre-right African National Congress ruling party — whose macro-economic strategy (aside from new labour regulations) is more austere and business-friendly than
By Aaron Benedek Capitalism is full of contradictions. A bus trip through Jakarta is a stark reminder of this fact. Amidst the sprawling slums of workers and urban poor, luxury motels and military-owned mansions act as obscene reminders of the
Indian priest calls for peace in Sri Lanka By Nadeem Ansari CANBERRA — The Reverend Jegath Gaspar Raj told a public meeting here on April 28 that war in Sri Lanka has brought misery to the Tamil people and has polarised the Tamil and Sinhalese
Why Labor mined uranium By Greg Adamson At its 1977 national conference in Perth, the Australian Labor Party adopted a policy opposing the mining, processing and export of uranium. The policy remained substantially in force until 1984. During
East Timor's freedom in the balance By Jon Land On April 27, as Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Indonesian President B.J. Habibie joked and chatted following their discussions on the situation in East Timor, the people of East Timor
Eight young people — university and high school students and young workers — recently returned from a 10-day tour across Indonesia. They saw first-hand the unfolding struggle for democracy. JO WILLIAMS and BRONWYN JENNINGS recount the experience.
To our brothers and sisters in Australia, struggling to defend the right of students to organise to defend their rights and oppose the unjust policies of the Australian government, we send our support and solidarity. The Australian government's
By Dave Gosling The radical wing of the Indonesian democracy movement has long supported the struggle of the East Timorese people for national self-determination. These forces, especially those organised in the People's Democratic Party (PRD),
By Norm Dixon Britain's Independent Television Commission (ITC) on April 23 revoked the licence of Med TV, the satellite television station watched by millions of Kurds in Kurdistan, Turkey, the Middle East and Europe. "The decision is undoubtedly
ANU restructuring' CANBERRA — On April 12 the Australian National University council announced a review of the structure and programs of all faculties in order to reduce an alleged 15% deficit in funding. The review will be carried out by a
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — On April 18, the Russian Communist League of Youth (RKSM) held its fourth national congress here — and survived as the largest, best organised force on the Russian far left. For the RKSM — often known by the


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