Socialism for the new millennium conferences — "Socialism for the new millennium" conferences, organised by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, were held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney over the Anzac Day
The Democrats present their support for a goods and services tax which excludes basic foodstuffs as a progressive stand against a conservative onslaught. They claim that their exclusions are a feasible solution to the problem of the inequity of the
How the media fan war By John Pilger At the height of World War I, the British PM, David Lloyd George, confided to C.P. Snow, editor of the Manchester Guardian, "If people knew the truth, the war would be stopped tomorrow. But they don't know and
East Timor Australia subsidises the Indonesian army with a yearly donation of $8 million, as well as training their troops in jungle warfare, and heaven knows what else that does not reach the newspapers! It is a proven fact that the relationship
Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor. April 23, 1999 Cut all military ties with Indonesia! Disarm the pro-integration terror gangs! Indonesian army out of East Timor! Self-determination now! We oppose the war against the
High school walkouts boost Jabiluka student rallies Rallies against the Jabiluka uranium mine were held on April 29 by tertiary and high school students, who joined the rally after walking out of school. The mine is being built inside Kakadu
A highwaymen's romp Plunkett and MacleaneDirected by Jake ScottScreening from May 20 in major cinemas Review by Jonathan Strauss The production notes for Plunkett and MacLeane describe it as "the quintessential buddy movie ... a hybrid classic
By Chris Latham The movement that developed last year in Indonesia, culminating in big upsurges in May and November, was based on concerns arising out of economic insecurity, and growing anger and rejection of the undemocratic and repressive
EE By Danny Fairfax Last July and August, high school students in Australia gained notoriety when 25,000 of them walked out of school against racism. In Indonesia, high school students are also organising. Alongside workers, peasants and the urban
By Jon Land While the people of East Timor contemplate the prospect of voting in August on whether to reject or accept the Indonesian government's offer of "autonomy", they are also preparing for an increase in attacks from the pro-integration
' ... have us believe' ' ... have us believe' By Brandon Astor Jones 169>The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under brides, to beg in the street and to steal bread" — Anatole France, 1844-1924 In
By Jonathan Singer In the second week of the campaign by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) against mass retrenchments and pay cuts, members of the Korean Metal Workers Federation (KMWF) have played the key role in industrial action.
By Angela Munro MELBOURNE — A costly "review" of the 1987 master plan for Royal Park in Melbourne's inner north has been used to legitimise the construction there of a corporate hockey, gridiron and netball stadium, and associated administrative
By James Smith and Vannessa Hearman An outstanding documentary about the Indonesian political underground, Indonesia in Revolt: Democracy or Death, had its Sydney premier screening at the Globe Cinema on April 23 to an audience of 380 people. The
From the insights of Abu Tayeb These are hard times! We don't live near Kosovo. We live in a camp near Nablus. But our little satellite dish broke anyway just when NATO was starting to bomb over there, and my children have not been able to watch
By Wendy Robertson Because injustice is intrinsic to the system ... For 32 years Suharto guaranteed the interests of Western businesses and governments, which, in return, provided full military, political and economic backing. The Timor Gap


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