By Margaret Allum The streets on March 6 were alive with the sounds of chanting and demands for women rights as thousands marched on International Women's Day around Australia. Following are only some of the reports from marches where indigenous
Andy Warhol's peculiar brand of subversion By Louis Proyect When Andy Warhol moved to New York City in 1958 after graduating from the Carnegie Art Institute (now part of Carnegie-Mellon) in Pittsburgh, he knew that abstract expressionism had no
By Eva Cheng BRUSSELS — Between 500-1000 social movement activists from around the world will be meeting in Brussels on March 12-13 to map out a strategy for an international campaign to press the rich countries to waive the crushing debt they
By Damien Christmas and Jackie Lynch MELBOURNE — After an emergency general student meeting on March 2, around 100 students at the Frankston campus of the Chisholm Institute of TAFE marched to Administration Building and commenced an indefinite
By Jim Green The British government is the major backer of Pangea Resources, the company scheming to build an international radioactive waste dump in Australia. An article published in the industry journal Nuclear Fuel on December 14 reveals that
By Andy Gianniotis The side effects of living in such a deeply alienated society, ruled by an irrational capitalist system, add up to probably the best possible argument for socialism. And we talk about these side effects a lot. We talk about all
MOHAMMED ISSA is president of the Afghan Watan Party. He was interviewed in Brussels on February 10 by AMJAD AYUB for the Pakistani Marxist news magazine Struggle. The following is abridged from that interview. Question: What is the present
By Nick Fredman LISMORE — EarthSave, a relatively new party contesting the March 27 NSW election has been accused by a group of former members of hiding a reactionary agenda beneath a progressive veneer. The disaffected supporters have alleged


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