Opposition to government freight line By Kerry Nebauer BRISBANE — A group has formed in opposition to the state Labor government's plan for a dual standard gauge rail link through densely populated southern Brisbane suburbs. FEARR (Friends
Less than honest It is appalling to hear ex prime minister Fraser describing the Contras' war as a good cause. What hypocrisy. I have never heard him criticising the fascist Somoza regime. A victory for the Contras would have led to the same
By Philippa Stanford BRISBANE — Representatives of the Irish, Palestinian and Australian Aboriginal movements spoke on October 31 at Brisbane's political infotainment night "Green It Up". For Gerard McGuigan, leader of the nine-member Sinn
Coles sackings prompt strike By David Mizon MELBOURNE — Members of the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association at the Coles New World warehouse in Port Melbourne began their third week on strike on November 2. The strike started
By Geoff Spencer PERTH — Sacked maritime workers from the iron ore port of Port Walcott near Cape Lambert in WA's north-west are in their eighth week of picketing the offices of Robe River Iron Associates and its partner Mitsui Australia. The
By Adrienne Barrett MELBOURNE — Victorian Premier Joan Kirner has hailed proposed new rape laws as "trailblazing", but Melbourne barrister Jocelyn Scutt says the changes will do no more than bring Victorian law into line with reforms in WA, NSW
A road to peace? By Benjamin Cohen "I know of imperialism giving people napalm, death, destroyed cities, destroyed countries, bloodshed. But they don't give them states." These words were spoken by Said Hammami, the PLO representative in
Roots music rules, OK! By Norm Dixon Enthusiasts of roots music — blues, r&b, gospel soul, jazz, zydeco, cajun, Tex-Mex, Afro-Latin and music from Africa and the Caribbean — are getting organised. The OK Music Association has been formed
Victorian schools dispute partially settled By Ann Steele MELBOURNE — On October 29, the Kirner government finally decided to honour its industrial agreement with the Victorian Secondary Teachers Association (VSTA). The decision came just two
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Two racing industry workers have been sacked because they refused a management order to work in the place of unionists who took part in the October 23 NSW general strike against the Greiner government's Industrial
AVS welcomes Vietnam aid By Stephen Robson CANBERRA — The national meeting of the Australia-Vietnam Society on October 26 welcomed the Australian government decision to resume bilateral aid to Vietnam. National chairperson of AVS Tom Uren
By Reihana Mohideen AUCKLAND — A new alliance is forming that could totally transform the character of New Zealand politics. Delegates to the NewLabour Party's second national conference, held here over the October 25-28 long weekend, voted
By Tom Flanagan HOBART — The spectacular failure of Tasmania's minority Labor government to pass its resource security legislation may not mean the end of the bill. Although Labor has made an agreement with the five Green Independents that the
Abseilers attack government light bill By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Environmentalists staged a novel protest against Queensland government power wastage here on the evening of October 30 by abseiling down the side of the Executive Building in
Media lies and the new McCarthyism Greenpeace under fire With the hole in the ozone layer larger than ever and growing much faster than predicted, and all the big environmental problems of our planet growing worse by the day, wealthy and powerful
By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Farcical scenes broke out in the Queensland parliament on October 31 as attorney-general Deane Wells began to read a statement by special prosecutor Doug Drummond justifying his refusal to proceed with a second trial of


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