By Peter Boyle Any day now, a decision in the boardroom of the ANZ bank could leave most of the mass media in Australia in the hands of two powerful and wealthy men — Rupert Murdoch (archenemy of British print workers and readers with taste) and
By Louise Anike Until my mid-50s, I called myself a middle aged or mid-life woman. But where is middle aged? One woman said middle age is when you suddenly find that your parents are old, your kids are grown up and you haven't changed. As each
By Neville Spencer Twenty months after his "arrest" on drug trafficking charges, Manuel Noriega's trial is under way in Miami, but it is much more than Noriega's future that is at stake. The defence case largely revolves around the allegation
MELBOURNE — At a 2000-strong October 25 rally to protest media monopolisation, former prime ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser joined Democrat ex-leader Janet Powell and Trades Hall Council secretary John Halfpenny and others to object to


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