Extravagant witch "Any other development would simply constitute an unjustified witch-hunt by the federal Labor government." — Federal National Party leader Tim Fisher, welcoming a decision by the director of public prosecutions not to file
By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — "The Cuban people have full confidence in Fidel Castro and the country's leadership. You can have full confidence that the morale of the Cuban people is high, and that they will overcome the challenges facing our
By David Brazil Following questions in state parliament from Dr Terry Metherell and increased pressure from environmental groups, five new national park areas are to be created in New South Wales. The decision comes out of a complete review of
Women reclaim the night By Pip Hinman In marches of around 2000 in both Melbourne and Sydney, women reclaimed the night on October 25. Mothers and their young daughters, high school students, older and migrant women participated in one of the
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — As the pattern of the Serbian-federal army assault on Croatia starts to jell, and the contested regions are more clearly identified, it is evident that economic designs and not national antipathies are the prime source
Forgotten victims By Emlyn Jones Mount Pinatubo is sacred to the Aeta people; they must live within sight of it. The eruption forced them to leave their homes and fields. Early this century, the Aeta were still forest dwellers. When their
Resources The first issue of the New Zealand journal greenstone includes a Third World critique of tourism, an interview with Jonathon Porrit, an article on bio-harmonic buildings and an analysis of the impact of GATT talks on the international
For several years now, Moscow's famed Pushkin Square has been the site of one of the world's largest and busiest McDonald's Restaurants. On October 16, critics of McDonald's gathered on the pavement outside the restaurant in a small but loud
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Senior SBS television reporter Vladimir Lusic spent seven weeks in Croatia and Serbia until early October. He drank with journalists at Zagreb's Hotel Intercontinental, went out into the battle zones with units of the
She will not keep silent I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men; she is to keep silent ... (I Timothy chapter 2, verse 12). "When we read in the Bible about the creation of the earth, the Bible tells us that humans were created


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