A short story by Craig Cormick Central Australia Harry Lasseter lies against the rock wall and watches the desert sun set over his empire. He's the richest man in the world. But he's stuffed and he knows it. Long black shadows stretch across the
By Norm Dixon Largely unreported by the establishment press, 400,000 Ugandans have been forced to flee their homes by vicious attacks by terrorist groups sponsored by the reactionary Arab-chauvinist government in Sudan. The bandits operate from
The real radio alternative By Arun Pradhan MELBOURNE — Supporters of community radio 3CR are being asked to become listener sponsors of the station. The current listener sponsor drive, essential for the survival and expansion of the station,
By Adam Hanieh RAMALLAH — The signing of the Wye Agreement between the PLO and the Israeli government has brought to the surface all of the contradictions inherent in the Oslo Accords, the Israeli political establishment and Palestinian society.
By Andrew McNaughton The deaths of five Australian-based journalists 23 years ago at Balibo continue to cause controversy. They died at the centre of a web of lies and intrigue involving the Australian and Indonesian governments and their
'Pro-lifers' murder again By Barry Sheppard Dr Barnett Slepian was shot and killed by a sniper using a high-powered rifle on the evening of October 23, as he stood in his kitchen with his wife and one of their sons. Dr Slepian provided abortion
Dispossession and Aboriginal health By Dr Ben Bartlett Aboriginal adult mortality rates are the highest in the world, apart from regions gripped by war. In the Northern Territory, infant and child mortality remains three times that of other
'The only Aborigine and lesbian in the world' White Baptist Abba FanDirected by Cathy DownesWritten and performed by Deborah CheethamPresented by the Adelaide Festival Centre and the Feast Lesbian and Gay Cultural FestivalPhone (08) 8231 2155


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