By Sean Martin-Iverson PERTH — WA's prison system is in crisis. There have already been 10 deaths in custody since the beginning of the year. In 1997, 12 died. Deaths are likely to continue to rise as overcrowding intensifies and funding is
By Norm Dixon In 1994, the United Nations was warned of the Rwandan Hutu chauvinist government's impending genocide against the Tutsi minority and anti-tribalist Hutus three months before it began in April — yet ordered its "peacekeepers" in the
That's the point It is right and proper that the PM should advise caution. After all, we don't want a bloodbath on our doorstep. It wouldn't do, would it? Here we are proffering the hand of friendship, with a tidy sum in it, and that Suharto
By Arun Pradhan MELBOURNE — More than 1000 people crammed into Chisolm Hall for the Yellowcake Dance Party on May 9. DJs and performers raised more than $5000 for the Jabiluka Action Fund. Posters for the event highlighted the dangers of uranium
Musings By Brandon Astor Jones "Some say there are nine Muses: but they're wrong. Look at Sappho of Lesbos: she makes ten." — Plato After Plato, I read Rosanne Bersten's "Male-only space" letter (Green Left Weekly, March 25) in which she
Biology as ideology "Why is it that wealthy old men seem to attract beautiful young women?", asks well-known Australian scientist and author Paul Davies. He answers: "something deeply biological is involved ... the battle of the sexes is just
South African anti-homosexual laws struck down The South African High Court in Johannesburg on May 3 declared the common law crimes of sodomy, unnatural sexual offences and section 20A of the Sexual Offences Act unconstitutional, legalising
By James Vassilopoulos The small funding boost for some health programs in the federal budget will not address the massive cuts that occurred in the Coalition's 1996 budget. Nor will it provide the expansion that is needed in the public health
Comment by Helen Jarvis SYDNEY — More than 100 people, mainly Indonesians, packed into Burwood Community Centre on May 9 to hear Indonesian sociologist Arief Budiman speak on the topic "Can Suharto survive democratisation?" in a meeting organised
A shorter working week: lessons from recent history By James Vassilopoulos "Thirty-five hours, more jobs, more leisure!", was the demand by the Amalgamated Metal Workers and Shipwrights Union in its industrial campaign of 1980-81. With full-time
By Gemma Doherty SYDNEY — In recent weeks in NSW, both major political parties have been trying to outdo each other in statements to the media about the "law and order" issue. Premier Bob Carr's plan, announced last month, to help police tackle
Protesters condemn Turkish government By Arty Titiz MELBOURNE — On May 14, some 100 Kurdish and Turkish people protested against the attempted assassination in Turkey of the Human Rights Association president, Akin Birdal. The attempt on
The rule of law By Allen Myers "We will obey the law. Will the MUA obey the law by withdrawing its pickets from the docks in Sydney and Melbourne?" Words to this effect were part of the standard response of Patrick Stevedores and its partners in
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — The government is stepping up attacks on Zapatista-led autonomous municipalities in Chiapas and is intensifying its war in the mass media against foreign observers. In the early hours of May 1, a national holiday in
Compelling outcasts The ThiefDirected by Pavel ChukhraiWinner of the Venice Film FestivalShowing at Dendy and Cremorne cinemas from May 21 Review by Francesca Davis Set in 1952 and seen through the eyes of six-year-old Sanya, The Thief is a
Join the campaign against the Indonesian dictatorship! On May 15, emergency pickets were held in many Australian cities to demand that the government cut all ties with the Suharto dictatorship and the Indonesian military, and to show solidarity


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