Just Add Jesus Just add Jesus for instant art,to pad that novel, to nail the charts,Christ'll ride tall again and again inthe soapy saddle of pop art pain.Inspiration at an ebb?dust off that bible under your bed,to one teaspoon of sacred heart adda
By Eva Cheng Six of the most powerful countries — the US, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Italy — put more pressure on Japan to take concrete steps to ease Asia's economic crisis when they met on February 21 under the auspices of the Group
Union threatens stoppage in Illawarra By Andrew Hall WOLLONGONG — Unionists and their supporters have been picketing outside GrainCorp's Pivot fertiliser plant at Port Kembla after workers were sacked without notice on February 1. The long-term
By Pip Hinman Every week they gather to intimidate and harass women entering or leaving the clinic. Armed with blown-up pictures of 30-week-plus foetuses and illustrations designed to upset all but medical and nursing students, the anti-choice
By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Several thousand trade unionists are expected to rally in Brisbane's King George Square on March 4 in support of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA). The rally, to commence at noon, has been called by the Queensland
MUA solidarity petition launched By Bruce Marlowe Rank-and-file unionists and concerned community activists have launched a petition demanding that the ACTU and local trades and labour councils seriously boost their solidarity effort with the
Action updates SA: the nuclear state ADELAIDE — On February 11, 50 people gathered outside the Hyatt Hotel to protest against an international nuclear industry conference. The focus of the protest was on the uranium trial at Beverley. The mine
Fighter "If we inherited it, I guess we'd have to live with it." — ALP shadow treasurer Gareth Evans, pledging that Labor will not block or repeal a GST brought in by a future Coalition government. Only the IMF is covered "To reflect the new
By Norm Dixon US television giant CBS has egg on its face after its big name news anchor, Dan Rather, was caught rehearsing "live" coverage of a US air attack on Iraq with the network's Pentagon correspondent. Somebody forget to flick a switch on
Why we march I'll never forget the feeling that kindled inside me during my first International Women's Day march. As the rally wove through the streets of Sydney, I looked around at all those who were also marching: mothers and grandmothers
New Zealand inspectors find hypocrisy By Keith Locke WELLINGTON— Actions continue here to get New Zealand troops out of the Gulf and the sanctions on Iraq lifted. On February 23, a multinational team, UNWIT (the Universal Women's Inspection
By Gerry Harant The VFT (Very Fast Train between Sydney and Melbourne) project is being indecently exhumed, after we thought we had buried it for good in the early '90s. Sir Peter Abeles, the main driving force behind the project, explained that
Shame Shame on you for publishing Mark Stoyich's appalling piece of vintage homophobia dressed up as a review ("Why are Gay Plays so Bad?", GLW #306). I found it hard to understand why you wanted to publish something that resembles the platform of
By Allen Myers "If you look at the broad sweep ... you see a steady, inexorable strengthening of the foundations of the Australian economy and an economy that is standing up very well to the turmoil that is occurring in our part of the world." The
Viva Timor Freedom fighters on dark shadowed island.Righteous men and women confronting theEnemy with courage, tenacity and truth.They face death and incarceration daily.Indonesian justice inflicts seven years gaol forLevelling charges of invasion,
Liberal stall attacked at O-week By Nikki Ulasowski CANBERRA — During the major orientation week market day at the Australian National University, the Liberal Club's stall was attacked twice. According to club members, the Australian flag was


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