By Peter Annear PRAGUE — Among all the countries of Eastern Europe, Czechoslovakia has been regarded as the most likely to succeed in the transition to a market economy. Its economy is stronger than others and it is not troubled by a massive

By Robert Went AMSTERDAM — More than 600,000 workers went on strike during part of the day on September 17 as part of the campaign by three trade union federations against cuts in social security announced by the government. Trade union leaders

By Kevin Healy Isn't it exciting that Georgie Bashed has sent the boys back to the Gulf to show that Hussein-is-Hitler-raq mob what the Brave New World Order is all about? And what a generous man that Georgie Bashed is. He sent them there to uphold

Welch wins in Marrickville Bruce Welch became the first person to be elected as a Green in Sydney in elections to the Marrickville Council on September 14. The ALP has lost control of the council for the first time in over 30 years. Welch

Sydney Greens divided By Doug Hine SYDNEY — The Sydney Greens, a Green political group in the Glebe-Leichhardt area, met on September 16 to deal with the issue of proscription of members of other political parties. A split was inevitable

By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Making its debut at the Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival is the Ilbijerri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Co-op, which is performing a new play, Up the Road, by Koori-Torres Strait Islander playwright John

By Tracy Sorensen The landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade decision of the US Supreme Court, which has guaranteed the right of women to choose abortion during the first three months of pregnancy, would almost certainly be overturned in the next six to 12

Action against cruelty to animals in circuses By Mark Cronin BRISBANE — Concerned residents and interested persons have picketed a circus with performing animals — Circus Royale — in its current tour of Brisbane. A protester, Janette

From Milan and Turin, SALLY LOW concludes a report on trade union politics in the Italian car industry. After passage of a law to reduce the sliding scale, which tied wages to inflation, a strong movement based on the workers councils emerged in

ADELAIDE — The Australian National Railways Commission is about to issue more than 1000 forced redundancy notices in South Australia under an "inefficiency improvement" program. This follows the compuslory redundancy of 162 ANR employees in


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