From Milan and Turin, SALLY LOW concludes a report on trade union politics in the Italian car industry. After passage of a law to reduce the sliding scale, which tied wages to inflation, a strong movement based on the workers councils emerged in

By Tracy Sorensen The landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade decision of the US Supreme Court, which has guaranteed the right of women to choose abortion during the first three months of pregnancy, would almost certainly be overturned in the next six to 12

Action against cruelty to animals in circuses By Mark Cronin BRISBANE — Concerned residents and interested persons have picketed a circus with performing animals — Circus Royale — in its current tour of Brisbane. A protester, Janette

By Doug Hine SYDNEY — Balmain Green activist Nick Masterman is likely to be the last candidate elected to Leichhardt Council, contributing to a strong progressive majority of 10 on the 12-member council. Masterman was originally to have headed

ADELAIDE — The Australian National Railways Commission is about to issue more than 1000 forced redundancy notices in South Australia under an "inefficiency improvement" program. This follows the compuslory redundancy of 162 ANR employees in

By Tony Iltis Two million people are at risk of famine in Ethiopia and Eritrea, reports David Armstrong of Community Aid Abroad, who recently returned from Ethiopia. The overthrow on May 28 of dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, ending a 17-year

Nicky Pirro BRIBIE ISLAND — Before the Labor Party came to power at the last state election, voters were promised that an ALP victory would stop proposals to establish a low-level radioactive dump at Redbank Plains. After the election, the

Cuban women to tour By Bernie Brian A delegation of Cuban women will be visiting Australia from October 18 to November 9. Nieves Alemany is a primary school teacher, a member of the National Secretariat of the Cuban Federation of Women, a

Self-what? "Mr Hawke has restated his support for limited government intervention to assist self-sustaining industries." — Financial Review, September 20. Why don't they go away? "I believe the economy and the country would benefit by a change

By Norm Dixon Cuba has demanded that the United States government close the Guantánamo Naval Base. The base, opened in 1903, was imposed on Cuba after US troops occupied the island during war with Spain in 1898. There are growing fears


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