HEMP picket of newspaper BRISBANE — On September 19, HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) held a picket outside the offices of the Courier-Mail. In early August, the Murdoch press was campaigning nationally against the proposed heroin trial
Nothing new at ANU By Kerryn Williams CANBERRA — Less than 800 students voted in the students' association elections at the Australian National University last week. This was due in part to a strike and teaching bans imposed by the
BILBAO — Members of the Spanish paramilitary civil guard shot and killed two young Basques on September 24 in what authorities described as a "shoot-out" with police in a narrow downtown street. The police operation is continuing. According to
Kakadu If they're mining KakaduThen they're surely killing youCause they're killing all the thingsYou care about.We will see the wild ducks flyAcross a lemon coloured sky,When everything goes wrong in Kakadu.We'll see the mushroom cloudAnd
By Chris Spindler and Angela Luvera John Pat was found dead in a police cell in the west Pilbara town of Roebourne, WA on the night of September 28, 1983. Locked up after helping friends who were being attacked by off-duty police officers, he
Australia dumps toxic waste on Hong Kong On September 23, the Hong Kong environmental protection department impounded a shipment of computer scrap until authorities can arrange for its return to Australia. The export of computer scrap, which
By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Community and Public Sector Union members in Centrelink, the federal government's new service delivery agency, struck for two hours on September 24. In response, the agency's new chief executive officer, Sue Vardon,
Thousands rally against Badgerys By Dave Wright and Gail Lord SYDNEY — On September 21, more than 2000 people packed the Blacktown Civic Centre in Sydney's west to protest against the proposed second airport at Badgerys Creek. The rally
Contamination at French plutonium factory By Barry Healy On September 18, the French nuclear reprocessing company Cogema sought an injunction to stop Greenpeace from sampling the sea floor near its discharge pipeline at La Hague. Cogema is
Around 150 activists and supporters of the anti-racism campaign attended the Fight Racism National Conference at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) on September 27-28. The conference was supported by a range of campaign groups and socialist
By Corinne Glenn PERTH — For the first time in six years, student guild elections are taking place on Edith Cowan University. The guild has been run by the left of the Labor Party (NOLS) since its inception, and the elections have never been
By Jennifer Thompson On September 4, the day the Coalition's Wik bill went before parliament, John Howard told the ABC's 7.30 Report that obstruction of the bill would mean Aboriginal people could have a "veto over the further development
auth = By Mark Cronin The ACTU Congress in Brisbane earlier this month achieved little of political importance but it did have an interesting cultural offshoot. On the eve of the congress, 400 people packed the Culture Bank in West End to hear
Profits and sea levels Apart from the continuing support for the occupation of East Timor, almost "part of the furniture" of Australian governments whatever the name of the party in power, there are two things which I find almost too much to
Nuclear scoop Green Left Weekly contributor Jim Green has brought to light some very interesting facts as part of his research for a PhD at Wollongong University. Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald of September 24, Green has exposed the
Indonesia Alert!Edited by Kurt Biddle and Malik MiahPrinted by Inkworks, USA Review by Nick Everett Indonesia Alert! is a new publication produced by supporters of Indonesia's democracy movement in the United States. It reports on developments


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