The Sorrow of WarSBSMonday, October 13, 8.30pm (8pm in SA) Review by Brendan Doyle "Long ago, at the gates of Hanoi, there was a large drum. Any citizen was allowed to beat the drum and voice his opinion. If the speech pleased the Emperor, he
By Norm Dixon Delegates attending the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) sixth national congress, on September 16-19, have sharply criticised the economic policies of the African National Congress government and its failure to
Labour hire workers on strike By Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — After three and a half weeks on strike, a September 24 mass meeting of Australian Manufacturing Workers Union members who work for labour hire companies voted to continue their
By James Vassilopoulos From Los Angeles to Fremantle, Copenhagen to Durban, actions in solidarity with sacked Liverpool dockers were held on September 8. September is the second anniversary of the dockers' struggle to keep their jobs. The action
Following is an abridged version of a leaflet handed out by the Loxicha People's Union Against Repression (LPUAR) at a demonstration in Oaxaca City Square in August against the arbitrary arrest of 68 people. Oaxaca is the capital of Oaxaca State in
September marks one year since the most significant clashes, in which more than 80 Palestinians died and 1200 were injured, since the Oslo Accords. 'ALA JARADAT, a Birzeit University student from Jenin, spoke to Green Left Weekly's ADAM HANIEH about
By Jim Green The federal government has three options to deal with the stockpile of 1600 highly radioactive spent fuel rods currently stored at Lucas Heights and the 300 that will be generated over the remaining life of the HIFAR reactor.
We're taking a break Green Left Weekly is taking a one-week break with this issue. The next issue will be dated October 15.
By Glenn Phillips In mid-July, the timber industry alleged that "anti-logging terrorists" had sabotaged logging machinery belonging to contractor Norm Wilton. Environment groups denied any responsibility for the sabotage and declared their
By Jo Williams MELBOURNE — Student union elections were held recently at Melbourne University. Around 20% of the student population voted. Left Focus, a broad coalition of left-wing activists, won all office bearer positions for the third year
Youth rights under attack in the NT By Marina Cameron Over the last 12 months the Country Liberal Party (CLP) government in the Northern Territory has taken or proposed a range of repressive and unreasonable actions in relation to perceived
Urgent appeal The New Socialist Party of Sri Lanka is appealing for donations from supporters and friends to replace a computer that recently broke down . The comrades need $1200. The computer is essential to producing their newspaper Hareya.
HEMP picket of newspaper BRISBANE — On September 19, HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) held a picket outside the offices of the Courier-Mail. In early August, the Murdoch press was campaigning nationally against the proposed heroin trial
Nothing new at ANU By Kerryn Williams CANBERRA — Less than 800 students voted in the students' association elections at the Australian National University last week. This was due in part to a strike and teaching bans imposed by the
BILBAO — Members of the Spanish paramilitary civil guard shot and killed two young Basques on September 24 in what authorities described as a "shoot-out" with police in a narrow downtown street. The police operation is continuing. According to
Kakadu If they're mining KakaduThen they're surely killing youCause they're killing all the thingsYou care about.We will see the wild ducks flyAcross a lemon coloured sky,When everything goes wrong in Kakadu.We'll see the mushroom cloudAnd


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