This is a change? "Pauline doesn't know what's going on around her any more." — George Merritt, chair of the SA Pauline Hanson Support Movement, who appears to have lost out in a power struggle among Hanson's lieutenants. Where did they
Libertarias give-away Libertarias, tells a story of a group of women republicans and anarchists during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. The film explores the experiences of these Milcianas, fighting in the front lines against the Franco
Right-wing bomb in Cuba A small device exploded on August 4 in the lobby of the Melia-Cohiba Hotel in Havana, causing no injuries and only slight damage. It was the fourth explosion since April in a Havana hotel and the second in the
By Jo Williams and Kim Luong MELBOURNE — Students at Monash University reclaimed part of the Clayton campus as "corporate-free space" on July 24 in protest against up-front fees and the increasing privatisation of universities. Students
By Filomena de Almeida and Jill Hickson SYDNEY — The current military crackdown by Indonesian armed forces in East Timor has resulted in scores of East Timorese being killed and hundreds more being arrested and tortured. It is a direct
Vanstone blames the victims By Marina Cameron Education minister Amanda Vanstone recently launched a campaign to blame the universities and schools under pressure from funding cuts for the adverse effects of privatisation begun under Labor
Monash VC raises stakes By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — On August 7 the vice-chancellor of Monash University declared that management was withdrawing from enterprise bargaining. Its initial offer included several clauses that would seriously
By Marina Cameron In a submission to the government's West review into higher education, the Industry Commission has argued that radical "market-based" reform and more competition are the logical next steps after the deregulation of the 1980s.
Crime By Brandon Astor Jones and Jenny Thomas "What is the answer to crime? Giving more power to the state will do nothing to eliminate crime. Crime is a function of a sick society: change society and crime will rapidly disappear."
By Allen Myers When John Howard finally announced on August 13 that he would be campaigning for a goods and services tax at the next election, it was anything but a surprise. The Coalition government and big business have been campaigning for a


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