By Barry Healy The Uniting Church Assembly, the churchs highest decision making body, met in Perth for a week beginning on July 5. While the assembly took strong positions in support of Aboriginal rights, it was the discussion around the report
By Graham Matthews The national campaign to save the Hinchinbrook wilderness has escalated following Keith Williams' Cardwell Developments getting the green light from the federal government to develop its Oyster Point holdings. On July 19, 600
By Tony Iltis HOBART — A government-commissioned report has delivered a big business wish list for the state budget. The report, by senior National Party member Peter Nixon, recommends large scale privatisation of public assets, cuts to public
Sydney Campaign Against Racism meets By Shane Bentley SYDNEY — The Campaign Against Racism meeting at the University of Technology, Sydney, on August 5 went ahead with organising the "No to Hanson and Howard's Racism" rally planned for
Left On-line Anti-Hanson web site (http://www.nanou.com.au/hanson) — The creators of this page want this site to be a platform to show Australia and the world that a majority of Australians are strongly opposed to the One Nation party and
Weevils at Work: What's happening to work in Australia? An oral recordBy Wendy LowensteinCatalyst Press240pp., $24.95 (pb) Review by Gerry Harant In 1978, Wendy Lowenstein published an oral history of the 1930s depression called Weevils in the
Racism Pauline Hanson's racism is only the expression of Australia's xenophobia inherited from Mother England. Just consider some facts: the enormous hateful and spiteful animosity when we changed into the decimal system; the uproar when mama
By Adam Hanieh JERUSALEM — On July 30, two bombs ripped through a crowded marketplace in west Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu demanded that Palestinian President Yasser Arafat close down the organisational structures of
Contemporary Australian Feminism 2Edited by Kate PritchardHughes Longman Australia, 1997. 352pp., $29.95 Review by Melanie Sjoberg In my paid employment as a trade union industrial officer, I come into contact with a wide range of people. Union
Nonsense about taxes @box text intro = What do the following have in common: (a) the tax situation before the High Court's August 5 overturning of state taxes on petrol, tobacco and alcohol; (b) the tax situation after that ruling; (c) the
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Following threats by the Victorian government to close down public transport services if unions did not lift maintenance bans, the Public Transport Corporation announced on August 6 that it would close the
Blair attempts to end free education By Marina Cameron Following the release of the Dearing review report on higher education, on July 24 the Blair Labour government announced a new policy for higher education in Britain. The policy
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