By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — The dispute between electricity supplier Citipower and the Electrical Trades Union has entered its 13th week. ETU members voted on August 5 to stay out until the issue of job security has been resolved. The
By Aziz Choudry Since 1995, OECD governments have been negotiating a Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). Following the leak of a draft copy in January, people worldwide are appalled at the vastly expanded freedoms for investors being
Save Our Services rally By Bronwyn Richards and Sharon Callahan WOLLONGONG — On July 19, the Save Our Services Warrawong Community Committee held a successful public rally against the withdrawal of Commonwealth government services from
Blair attempts to end free education By Marina Cameron Following the release of the Dearing review report on higher education, on July 24 the Blair Labour government announced a new policy for higher education in Britain. The policy
Cambodia: media lies exposed By Tony Iltis Since fighting between the forces of Cambodia's two prime ministers broke out in Phnom Penh in early July, the establishment media have loudly condemned what they call a "coup" by Second
Rally against the youth allowance By Alison Dellit MELBOURNE — Around 100 people gathered on August 6 to protest against the federal government's common youth allowance (CYA) for all young unemployed and students. Speakers at the rally
Fighting racism at Melbourne University MELBOURNE — Strategies for students fighting racism will be discussed at a student general meeting (SGM) to be held on August 13 at Melbourne University. There is strong opposition to racism and the
How the coalition collapsed By Allen Myers @box text intro = The armed conflict in Phnom Penh in early July was in many respects simply a renewal of the earlier conflict between the Cambodian People's Party forces and FUNCINPEC, which in
Mental health and social control By Jane Marni Surely"mental health" means more than just being sedated. Perhaps this sounds harsh, but these are the treatments in current therapies, supported by the stereotyped image of what someone with a
James Vassilopoulos Secret Australian Workplace Agreements (individual contracts) obtained by the Australian Centre for Industrial Relations and Training (ACIRT) debunk industrial relations minister Peter Reith's claim that no worker would be
By Norm Dixon Supporters of the leader of the Kinshasa-based establishment "opposition", Etienne Tshisekedi, have called for armed struggle against the government of Laurent Kabila's Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo
Kennett's Coode Island betrayal condemned By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — On August 3, Footscray residents expressed their anger at the Kennett government's announcement that it would not honour its promise to move the Coode Island chemical
By Greg Ogle Previous articles in Green Left have pointed out that immigration does not cause our chronic unemployment level. The consensus of academic literature, government and even business reports is that there is no relation between levels
Women are worse off under the Liberals By Susan Laszlo If Pru Goward, John Howard's executive director of the Office of the Status of Women, had wanted to deflect attention from the United Nations criticism of the government's
By Helen Cunningham MELBOURNE — One of the better features of the current public housing system is the human face provided by tenant support workers and public housing officers. Changes proposed by the Kennett government to public housing
Comment by Denis Olsen Many readers no doubt appreciate the critical edge pursued in Green Left Weekly's Cultural Dissent pages. It's nice to know that at least somewhere there exists a forum that argues for an aware culture, one that tries to


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