Save Our Services rally By Bronwyn Richards and Sharon Callahan WOLLONGONG — On July 19, the Save Our Services Warrawong Community Committee held a successful public rally against the withdrawal of Commonwealth government services from
By Norm Dixon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, one of Africa's most popular, courageous and politically outspoken musicians, has finally been silenced, much to the relief of Nigeria's corrupt political and military elite. Despite having suffered decades of
Socialists and free speech By Sean Healy One of the main controversies in the growing movement against Pauline Hanson's racism surrounds the issue of whether or not the movement should call for restrictions on her legal right to free
Sade/MaratPACT in association with UNSW Theatre and Film Studies FacultyDirected by Christopher RyanPACT Theatre, Railway Pde, Erskineville, SydneyUntil August 16 Review by Brendan Doyle Good news! Theatre is not dead! It's alive and kicking in
Wild words and free jazz Song of BaobabVernon Frazer with Thomas ChapinVFCISend US$20 to Echolaia Press, 132 Woodycrest Drive, East Hartford, CT 06118, USA Review by Norm Dixon Song of Baobab is a challenging CD that combines Vernon
Inactive student guilds face active opposition By Corinne Glenn PERTH — In the lead-up to the national week of action against education cuts and up-front fees, you could be forgiven for thinking that student unions were banned and working
Fighting racism at Melbourne University MELBOURNE — Strategies for students fighting racism will be discussed at a student general meeting (SGM) to be held on August 13 at Melbourne University. There is strong opposition to racism and the
Cambodia: media lies exposed By Tony Iltis Since fighting between the forces of Cambodia's two prime ministers broke out in Phnom Penh in early July, the establishment media have loudly condemned what they call a "coup" by Second
Every year about 300 hectares of Otway State forest are clear-felled by the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) for woodchips and sawlogs. In clear-felling, all the trees in a given area are removed, and the forest
Nike workers arrested, injured, fired A Bangladesh newspaper, the Independent of Dhaka, reported on July 14 that nine workers from the Youngone factory were in jail, 300 injured (50 seriously), 97 fired and 800 charged with criminal offences
WOLLONGONG — On August 7, 50 people who had gathered in the southern highlands town of Robertson to protest peacefully against the inaugural meeting of the One Nation party were assaulted by racists. Activists from Resistance, Youth Against Racism,
A work for the dole funding submission Dear Prime Minister, Now that the Liberal Party is back in power, we feel we are writing to an old friend. After all, it was the Liberal Party that used the Fightback document to draw attention to "the