By Barry Sheppard At midnight on July 19, four immigrants from Mexico went to the local police station in the Jackson Heights area of New York City with a three-page letter in Spanish. Nervous, they left without showing the letter to the police.
Green Left Weekly's KAMALA EMANUEL visited the miners' picket line at the Hunter Valley No. 1 colliery on the July 22, the day of the mass meeting at which the miners voted to return to work. She reports here on some of her discussions with the
Spring Writing Festival SYDNEY — A diversity of Australian and overseas writers will attend the 5th Annual Spring Writing Festival on September 13-14 at the Rozelle Hospital heritage gardens. Presented by the NSW Writers Centre, the program
Reggae WrapVarious artistsIrie NegrilHurricane ReliefVarious artistsVermont Reggae FestivalLead With the Bass II and All the World in an EggVarious artistsUniversal Egg Records Reviews by Norm Dixon Any fan of political reggae will tell you that
The John Wayne PrincipleWritten by Tony McNamaraDirected by David BertholdSydney Theatre Company, Wharf 1, from July 23and Melbourne from September 8 Review by Mark Stoyich There are currently two portrayals of fucked-up masculinity showing in
By Andrea Bunting In last week's Green Left Weekly, (#282) Andrew Woodroffe commended the recent introduction of green tariffs for NSW and Victorian electricity consumers. Dubbed "green power", these schemes allow electricity consumers to pay a
NSW State Rail jobs to be cut By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — A review by State Rail management may result in 1750 jobs being lost in NSW. The job cuts are related to the state Labor government's refusal to continue $115 million of funding.
By Jim Green The campaign against the new reactor and reprocessing plant proposed for Lucas Heights in NSW has been stepped up. At a recent meeting Friends of the Earth, the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, People for Nuclear Disarmament,
CPSU rank and file meet By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Community and Public Sector Union members met in the City Hall on July 16 and voted against the national management committee's (NMC) move to dump the union's campaign for an Australian
Attacking the worst unemployment crisis Comment by Allen Myers Stop worrying about the young people who can't find jobs. Cancel the programs to help the long-term unemployed (okay: they've already been cancelled). There's a far more
Private health insurance — preying on fear By Cliff Baxter Private hospitals and private insurance are on the nose for many Australians. Membership of private funds is declining, and complaints about private hospitals such as Mayne
True friendshipTrue friendship By Brandon Astor Jones "When you have succeeded in dehumanizing a person; when you have put that person down, and make ... this person to be but as the beast of the field; and when you have extinguished
Loose cannons Learned something "I long ago stopped expecting to be treated fairly by the system." — Brian Burke, former ALP premier of WA, after his conviction for stealing from the ALP was overturned on appeal. Perfectly ordinary
Protect Kimberley, say Aborigines, conservationists By Susan Laszlo Aborigines are opposed to the WA state government's plans to dam the Fitzroy River, said Kimberley Land Council (KLC) director Peter Yu on July 18. Speaking after a forum
Call for left unity at UQ By Ruth Ratcliffe BRISBANE — Resistance activists are calling for a broad left activist ticket in University of Queensland student union elections. Activists in the education anti-racism, feminist and
By Anthony Brown In October 1995, Brisbane indigenous health worker Noritta Morseu-Diop went to Tahiti, the chief island of French Polynesia, along with five other Aboriginal people. They went to protest at the resumption of French nuclear


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