By Norm Dixon The South African government was involved in a plot to assassinate a leader of the African National Congress as part of a coup in the "independent" Transkei bantustan. The target was Chris Hani, a senior member of the ANC's national
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin moved on August 28 to strip the Moscow City Soviet of most of its authority. Taking advantage of the "democratic" euphoria following the collapse of the August 19-21 coup,
By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — The facts in the case of the Croatian Six — revealed to a mass television audience in a recent Four Corners program — confirm that the Australian "criminal justice" system is about the closest thing in these parts to
Pragmatist "From the moral point of view, there is no difference between personal terror and collective terror. Here and there blood is spilled, here and there people are killed. One must look and judge it from the point of view of the utility of
By Norm Dixon The African National Congress has condemned constitutional arrangements proposed by South Africa's President F.W. de Klerk. It calls them a "recipe for disaster" and a ruse to "retain the accumulated privileges of apartheid". De
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Labor "left" Deputy Prime Minister Brian Howe's image minder probably thought it wasn't very good to have a picket of community health workers, their patients and a few leftists outside his electorate office the day
By Brad Farmer GOLD COAST — Australia's favorite holiday beach, Surfers Paradise, could soon be named "Sewers Paradise" if protests against a $23 million ocean outfall pipeline are ignored. Queensland environment minister Pat "Rubber Stamp"
By Lynn Beaton One more time: why are women underpaid? At a conference on inequality, at the University of New South Wales a few weeks ago, a study was presented which claimed to prove that discrimination has little to do with the earnings gap
MELBOURNE — The Victorian Secondary Teachers Association and the Federated Teachers Union of Victoria decided on September 6 to step up their industrial campaigns against the loss of 2000 jobs. There will be a full-day stoppage on September 12,
By Steven Giese Perspecta Art Gallery of NSW until September 15 Reviewed by Steven Giese This year's Perspecta was an understandably Greinerised affair, chopped back a bit (they couldn't afford the two dimensional artists), privatised to the


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